Teaching Matters Teaching Matters is an audio series exploring the unique needs of students.
Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters

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Teaching Matters is an audio series exploring the unique needs of students.

Most Recent Episodes

Nigel Nisbet on the Neuroscience of Learning Math

Learning math is hard, but could it be made easier if we had better ways to introduce math to students? Nigel Nisbet is a math expert and Vice President of Content Creation for the MIND Research Institute, an organization focused on teaching math the way children learn. Nigel discusses the challenges of traditional pedagogy as well as Spatial-Temporal approach taken by the MIND Institute to help children reprogram their minds to better understand math. For more information on the MIND Research Institute, visit : https://www.mindresearch.org/

Engaging Students in STEM

Despite the desire for increasing students in STEM fields, educators still face challenges in keeping students engaged as they learn concepts like math, biology, physics, and other topics. Louise Krmpotic, Vice President for Enterprise Services at DigitalEd, discusses strategies for keeping students engaged, even in remote learning environments, as well as benefits of authentic assessments for teachers seeking to elevate learning in STEM courses.

Ardis Kadiu Discusses Artificial Intelligence

Digital transformation increasingly shapes how students interact with schools and universities. Ardis Kadiu is a computer scientist who is also founder and CEO of Element451, a company specializing in using artificial intelligence, user experience, and digital transformation in colligate admissions. Our discussion provides an excellent overview for understanding what artificial intelligence is, how it is used effectively, and possible warnings about its effects on our privacy.

Dr. Julia Olayanju on Teaching Science and Nutrition

Dr. Julia Olayanju is a research geneticist who has become a disruptor in the food industry. Her most recent project, FoodNiche-ED, is a platform that empowers teachers to make science education applicable to students, particularly in support of improved health. Dr. Olayanju discusses the FoodNiche-ED platform and various health issues facing students.

Using Data Science in PK-12 Education

For our new season of Teaching Matters, we begin with a discussion of how data sciences can be used by school districts to promote teaching effectiveness and student success. LaToya Blackshear is Director of Planning and Evaluation for Jackson (MS) public schools and Dr. Joy Smithson is Director of the Data Science Research Group for SchoolStatus. They discuss how data science has been implemented in Jackson as well as insights on how the use of data science will progress in educational settings.

Bringing the Smithsonian to your Classroom

The Smithsonian Education program is the largest museum-based education program in the world. Providing students and faculty of all ages with access to content experts and primary source materials, the Smithsonian is a tremendous resource for learning in any content area. Dr. Monique Chism, Undersecretary for Education at the Smithsonian, discusses how the education program can be used to enrich lessons and promote critical thinking about history and other subjects. For more information on the Smithsonian Education program, visit their website : https://www.si.edu/education

Using TikTok to teach Math

As students prepare for state testing in math, finding ways to help students re-engage previously learned material is essential. In this episode we explore a pilot-project in New York where students created short TikTok videos explaining how they used distributive properties to solve problems. Our guest, Elly Blanco-Rowe, is an educational consultant for Teaching Matters, a New York non-profit focused on promoting equitable teaching and learning. Though we share a great name, the Teaching Matters organization is not directly affiliated with this podcast.

Narrating Student Wellbeing through Animation

Student wellbeing is rapidly emerging as a critical area of concern for educators at all levels. Dr. James Mazza, Professor of Education at the University of Washington, and Anne Brown, President and CEO of the Cook Center for Human Connection, discuss the importance of student wellbeing and describe a new animated series called, "My Life is Worth Living." The series uses storytelling, with lesson plans, to help educators, families, and community organizations address the crisis of wellbeing confronting many youth and young adults.

Food Games

This is the second episode in a two-part series exploring how faculty at Excelsior College, based in Albany NY, are using gamified simulations to teach course concepts. Dr. Anna Zendell, who is the Senior Faculty Program Director in Health Sciences, discusses how she has created gamified simulations to teach students about health concepts related to every-day decisions like purchasing groceries.

Simulations and Games

Dr. Mary Berkery, Faculty Program Director in History and Cornerstones at Excelsior College in Albany, NY, has worked with colleagues to develop and implement three games/simulations to help students grapple with concepts related to historical narratives. Dr. Berkery discusses how the simulations were developed and then integrated into her general education course. Listeners can experience the simulations by following these links: The July Crisis—Be the Kasier : https://kaiser.muzzylane.com/sample/web/6d5faeda-2cd9-42bb-a15e-dbbe5c9749ae The True Cost of War—Be the General : https://kaiser.muzzylane.com/sample/web/874c5626-56ef-4747-b033-d7d656dfbe68 Making the World Safe for Democracy—Be President Wilson : https://kaiser.muzzylane.com/sample/web/774f603d-8d58-42cb-a143-b879b18c5f7b