Teaching Matters Teaching Matters is an audio series exploring the unique needs of students.
Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters

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Teaching Matters is an audio series exploring the unique needs of students.

Most Recent Episodes

Contract Staffing for Specialized Services in Schools

Teacher and staff shortages, particularly in areas of specialized need like speech pathology, counseling, and accessible education, are increasing throughout the country. Such shortages coupled with increasing non-instructional demands on teachers increase stress and, for some, burnout. Despite that, a recent survey conducted by Soliant, a recruiting and staffing company specializing in education and other skilled sectors, shows that teachers remain optimistic about their impact. Lesley Slaughter, Senior Vice President at Soliant, discusses the challenges of staffing and potential solutions offered by firms like hers to meet the needs of students and schools.

The Science of Reading with Kari Kurto of the Reading League

Reading is a fundamental skill that facilitates learning across standards, subjects, and grade levels. Yet, national statistics show that students are reading less and, generally speaking, below grade level. Kari Kurto is the National Science of Reading Project Director for the Reading League. Kari discusses a resource called Compass, which provides educators, administrators, policy makers, and others with resources on evidence-based practices that improve students' reading skills. To learn more about Compass, visit the Reading League's website: https://www.thereadingleague.org/compass/

Scientifically Supported Reading Instruction

This episode is part of a two-part series on the topic of scientifically supported reading instruction. Joe Burns is a regional product manager for Capstone, an educational technology and publishing company. Having taught early childhood grades, Joe discusses the importance of developmental skill development in reading as well as how Capstone augments phonics instruction with authentic texts. Joe also discusses topics raised in a recent article about the science of reading instruction in eSchool News. Connect with Joe on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jrburns-710/ Read more from Joe about the science of reading here: https://tinyurl.com/tmjoeburns

The Deeper Learning approach at the Ulster (NY) Board of Cooperative Educational Services

In 2023, Deeper Learning Global (DLg) awarded the Ulster, New York, Board of Cooperative Educational Services (Ulster BOCES) with the "Deeper Learning" designation. Ulster Superintendent Dr. Jonah Schencker discusses this designation and how the district operationalizes deeper learning through its north star commitments of developing self, contributing to community, developing capacity, and engaging in continuous cycles of inquiry. Ulster will partner with DLg to host the DL Global New York conference in July of 2024. To learn more about Ulster BOCES, visit their website: https://www.ulsterboces.org/ To learn about the DL Global New York conference, visit: https://www.ulsterboces.org/educator-edge-home/educator-professional-development/for-school-district-leaders/dlny

The Deeper Learning approach at the Ulster (NY) Board of Cooperative Educational Services

Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

Following the release of Chat-GPT and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms, teachers and administrators at all levels of education have worked to react to both the possibilities and problems of AI. Carl Hooker is a former educator and now an author who analyzes the implications of AI for teaching and learning in his new book, Learning Evolution: The New Era of AI in the Classroom. Our discussion highlights practical advice as well as some of the ethical and social implications of AI. Learn more about Carl at his website: https://carlhooker.com/

Dr. Cynthia Wise and the Culture Conscious Campus Model

Dr. Cynthia Wise has developed a career-long track record of turning low-performing schools into schools of distinction. Currently the Principal and Chief Academic Officer of the Transformation Waco Charter Schools in Waco, TX, Dr. Wise discusses the Culture Conscious Campus Model that she has developed as a proven model for school transformation. As she narrates her story, you will learn key takeaways about the importance of teacher-student relationships, leadership, and relentless pursuit of student academic success. Connect with Dr. Wise on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-cynthia-wise-a65a8546/

Providing Teletherapy Support for English Language Learners

Sam Torres is a bilingual case manager for VocoVision, a company that provides teletherapy services for students across multiple specialties. Sam discusses specific strategies for promoting success for English Language Learners, the fastest growing student population in the U. S. Sam explains unique needs facing ELL students, including the intersection of speech disorders and language learning, as well as how teletherapy can provide a robust solution for schools. Connect with Sam on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samantha-torres-13bb9b2b4/ Learn more about VocoVision on their website: https://www.vocovision.com/

A Mobile App for Teaching WWI

Theo Mayer is a self-proclaimed history nerd who is also passionate about the relevance of technology for learning. Working as the Chief Technologist for the Doughboy Foundation, Tayo and a team of developers created a mobile app that employs AR/VR concepts and narrative to help students in middle and high school grade levels learn about WWI. In addition to discussing the app and other resources provided by the foundation, Theo also provides some of his thoughts on how technology will continue to progress as a teaching and learning resources. For more on the Doughboy Foundation and their mobile app, visit: https://doughboy.org/ Connect with Theo on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/theomayer/

A School Safety Tool

Faculty, staff, and students' safety is of paramount concern for all educational systems. Although high-profile threats to safety capture national media attention, daily threats to safety such as altercations, vandalism, health incidents, and other issues must be part of a holistic safety strategy. Stacy Locke, Deputy Superintendent of Yakima (WA) Schools, discusses how personal safety buttons from CENTEGIX have been integrated into that district's safety plan—a strategy that had payoff only 24-hours after implementation. Fair warning, during our interview Stacey received an alert that one of the elementary schools was placed on lockdown—thankfully, that lockdown was a drill, though it provided us with immediate insight on how the system promotes rapid communication and reaction.

Using Teachergram for Sustained Professional Development

In special education, as well as the larger teaching field, there exists significant needs for ongoing professional development where teachers can orient with affinity groups that provide support and feedback that extends beyond local school districts. Dr. Jen Newton, an Associate Professor in the Patton College of Education at Ohio University and co-creator of Teaching is Intellectual, discusses how Teachergram, a specific use of Instagram by teachers, is fulfilling that need. Newton and co-author Mira Cole Williams recently published an article on this topic in the Journal of Special Education Technology: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/01626434211033596 https://teachingisintellectual.com