Party Politics A political podcast from two smart guys providing you with up-to-date policy and politics for your next cocktail party, with hosts Brandon Rottinghaus and Jay Aiyer.
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Party Politics

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A political podcast from two smart guys providing you with up-to-date policy and politics for your next cocktail party, with hosts Brandon Rottinghaus and Jay Aiyer.More from Party Politics »

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93: Funding bill

Against the backdrop of a potential second shutdown, House and Senate leaders came up with a compromise funding bill to keep the government open. The White House said President Trump will sign the bill, but will also declare a national emergency to stop what the administration categorizes as a "national security and humanitarian crisis at the border." Jay Aiyer and Brandon Rottinghaus break down what happened and what happens next in the wall debate. Also,... Read More

Episode 92: State of the Union

An embattled President Donald Trump delivered his postponed State of the Union address this week and Party Politics co-hosts Jay Aiyer and Brandon Rottinghaus highlight the top issues and controversies. Did Trump reset his policy agenda? Did he deliver on his promises of bipartisanship and make overtures to wavering Republicans? Did the President double-down on funding for the border wall? Did he make a surprise announcement on a long-planned summit with North Korea? This week's... Read More

91: Voter fraud

The office of the Texas Secretary of State David Whitley recently flagged about 95,000 registered voters for citizenship checks. However, in Harris County, the number of people on that initial list has since dropped by thousands. The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a historic civil and voting rights group, is crying foul and has filed litigation against the state of Texas. Party Politics co-hosts Jay Aiyer and Brandon Rottinghaus separate fact from fiction,... Read More

Episode 90: Shutdown continues

It's high noon in Washington, D.C. and President Donald Trump and the Democrats in Congress are still facing off over the government partial shutdown, now the longest in U.S. history. The President has made policy overtures, but House Democrats have rejected the offer over funding for Trump's proposed border wall. Senate leaders have gotten involved, but prospects for an immediate solution are slim. Party Politics co-hosts Jay Aiyer and Brandon Rottinghaus discuss prospects for the... Read More

Episode 89: Texas inauguration

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick were sworn in to office this week and it was a far cry from the last legislative session. Gone are the divisive social issues of the past—replaced by more funding for schools and property tax reform. Is this move to bread and butter issues going to hold? Party Politics co-hosts Brandon Rottinghaus and Jay Aiyer break down the speeches and highlight the politics of funding schools... Read More

Episode 88: Shutdown continues

Episode 88: Shutdown continues

In this image from video, President Donald Trump speaks during a televised address from the Oval Office of the White House in Washington on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019. As the government shutdown nears a record-setting length, President Donald Trump and the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives continue to jockey over the construction of a billion-dollar border wall. Following the dueling prime time addresses by Trump and the Democratic leaders, Party Politics co-hosts... Read More

Episode 87: Government Shutdown

President Trump's promise to build a "big" and "beautiful" wall along the southern border of the United States has run into political trouble in the form of a partial government shutdown since the branches have yet to agree on a short or long term budget. The new Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives makes it harder to get a deal and the White House is digging in. With all this bickering, how long... Read More

86: Preview of 86th Texas Legislature

The Texas Legislature's biennial session is slated to start in January with a massive agenda punctuated by serious policy problems. The session takes place in the wake of big electoral gains by the Democrats in the Legislature but a returning cast of Republican statewide officials, as well as Republican Dennis Bonnen as the new House Speaker. "Party Politics" podcast co-hosts Brandon Rottinghaus and Jay Aiyer identify the major issues confronting Texas government, the divided politics... Read More

85: 116th Congress preview

A new Democratic House? Check. A narrowly-held Republican Senate? Check. A wildcard Republican President? Check. In 2019, the 116th session of Congress promises to be politically consequential with several new policy directions. This week's "Party Politics" podcast focuses on what can happen on Capitol Hill with the new year and a new composition of Congress, which –among other factors— will be marked by the record number of women serving. Hosts Jay Aiyer and Brandon Rottinghaus... Read More

Party Politics 84: Beto For President?

Despite a losing bid for the U.S. Senate in Texas, Betomania hasn't cooled off as many in the Democratic Party are hoping he'll run for higher office. Although Beto O'Rourke said during the campaign he would not be a candidate for president in 2020, he suggested this week that he might be open to the idea. We are a long way from a decision from Team Beto and the 2020 election is two years away,... Read More

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