Looking Up Hosted by Cincinnati Observatory's Dean Regas and Anna Hehman, Looking Up brings you the latest astronomical discoveries in a fun, quick-paced conversation.
Looking Up

Looking Up

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Hosted by Cincinnati Observatory's Dean Regas and Anna Hehman, Looking Up brings you the latest astronomical discoveries in a fun, quick-paced conversation.

Most Recent Episodes

Looking Up: The Astronomer's Thrill of Chasing Clear Skies

He's a veteran TV meteorologist in the New York City area and an astronomer who writes for outlets like Space.com. Joe Rao recently listed his Top 10 astronomical events to wa tch in 2021 so Dean and Anna wanted to get these on their calendar.

Looking Up: Bad Astronomer Makes Good TV

As the pandemic wears on towards a full year, we got to wondering how our friend and Twitter legend, Phil Plait, is doing. He's known as the @BadAstronomer . Phil shares his thoughts on being in the writers room for hit Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World and what its like covering astronomy for his 619,000 followers Twitter followers during these past months of isolation.

Looking Up: Tales From The Virtual World

One of the most impacted aspects of life in this pandemic is education, whether by classroom teachers or outreach efforts like those at the Cincinnati Observatory.

Looking Up: What's 'Up' in 2021?

Dean and Anna return for our first episode of the new year. Take a look back and forward as they review some of the top astronimical events of 2020 and preview what to look for in the skies throughout 2021.

Looking Up: Possible Worlds

Cosmos is one of the most recognizable names in science TV and books. Just before the pandemic set-in, Dean Regas and Anna Hehman had the chance to talk with Ann Druyan , writer/editor/producer of the Cosmos series, author of a variety of books including this year's Cosmos: Possible Worlds , and widow of the show's host, astronomer Carl Sagan .

Looking Up: The Great Conjunction

In astronomy, a conjunction is when two astral objects appear to us as being next to, or very close to one another. Coming in December is what's being referred to as the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter , and it will be their closest approach since 1632.

Looking Up: Tanya of Mars

Mars may be the most studied, most discussed planet in our universe. What is this fascination? On this edition, Dean and Anna welcome Dr. Tanya Harrison – geologist, planetary scientist, and purveyor of Professional Martian LLC. She's a science communicator and educator known on social media as Tanya of Mars .

Looking Up: Starts With A Bang

If you google our guest Dr. Ethan Seigel , you won't see images of a white-coated scientist. He's big, bald, bearded, and there's even one where he's wearing a tiara. But he's a passionate science communicator for Forbes.com and theoretical astrophysicist and makes for a fascinating interview. He Zooms in with Dean and Anna for a wide-ranging conversation about the Big Bang and dark matter .

Looking Up: Citizen Science

NASA undertakes so many studies and projects that often they call on "citizen scientists" to assist them. Dr. Marc Kuchner , astrophysicist and NASA's Chief Science Officer for Science Mission Directorate, oversees 25 citizen scientist programs and joins Dean Regas and Anna Hehman to talk about a couple of them.

Looking Up: The End of Everything

For this episode, we start at the end...that is, the topic is the end of everything. Dean Regas and Anna Hehman welcome Katie Mack , a theoretical astrophysicist who believes there are several ways the universe will end, and even has a favorite! She's the author of The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) and joins us via Zoom.

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