WUNC Youth Podcast The 2017 WUNC Youth Podcast is the result of a summer long exploration of the question "What is News?"
WUNC Youth Podcast

WUNC Youth Podcast

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The 2017 WUNC Youth Podcast is the result of a summer long exploration of the question "What is News?"

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Using Music To Release Your Emotions

Every Friday night at 9:19 there's a cypher on the streets of downtown Durham. You know that big bull right across from the Marriott? That's us. We meet there to freestyle – to release - to find reprieve from your everyday routine and express your innermost feeling.

School Shootings And Mental Health: My Personal Experience

My mom was at home when the gunfire started. "It was so hard," my mom recalls. "It was so hard as a mom to be strong because all I wanted to do was scream."

WUNC Youth Podcast: Black Swimmers

This episode of the WUNC Youth Podcast features youth reporter Loulou Batta. Loulou is an upcoming freshman at NC State University and graduated from the North Carolina school of Science and Math. Her story that she made this summer focuses on the closing of the N.C. A&T swim team and how it affected those involved. In this interview we hear how she made the story and what it took for her to make it happen.

WUNC Youth Podcast: Girls Debate

On this episode of the WUNC Youth Podcast we interview Katherine Gan. Katherine is a soon-to-be freshman at Duke University and is one of our youth reporters who produced a story over the summer. Her story touches on a debate camp in the Chinese-American community and what impact it has on the people involved.

WUNC Youth Podcast: Drugs and Harm Reduction

On this episode of the WUNC Youth Podcast we have an interview with one of our youth reporters, Skylar Fisher. She dives into the complicated issues of drug use and what she does in her community to help. We get to hear her process and what she came across while making her story.

WUNC Youth Podcast: Prank or Hate

On this episode of WUNC Youth Podcast we have a story from one of our youth reporters, Anthony Howard. In this episode we get to listen to the story he's crafted this summer and the steps it took for him to create it. He's being interviewed by our Youth Reporter mentor, Kamaya Truitt-Martin.

WUNC Youth Podcast: Hey G. Yamazawa, What is News?!

What is News? In this episode Durham rapper, G Yamazawa , tells us his thoughts on the news. "News has really broadened itself to different forms. One of the main forms of news for my generation and younger is social media. Not only do you get news clips but you also get a personalized reaction to it."

WUNC Youth Podcast: Hey Al Letson, What is News?!

What is News? In this episode we have the host of Reveal , Al Letson, with us. Al tells us: "We live in a day and age where all of us need to be saying our stories out loud. What's happening is we are more connected with people with no connection. I think that in this day and age telling your story is the most powerful thing you can do. I think that that's the job of the poet, is to speak the truth about their lives and the lives of the people around them that you see. I think that when you're

WUNC Youth Podcast: Hey De'Wayne Jackson, What is News?!

What is News? In this episode Los Angeles Hip-Hop Artist, De'Wayne Jackson says, "I feel like at times hip-hop can be news for a lot of kids. We just have to continue to give our voices to the world and hope the kids that are listening can make a change." What is news? In this episode we also ask Katherine Gan "Can hip-hop be news?" "I think hip hop can serve as a more positive outlook or more inspirational or galvanizing to people our age..... I think in that sense hip hop can connect far more

WUNC Youth Podcast: Hey Glynn Washington, What Is News?!

What is news? In this episode Snap Judgment 's Glynn Washington says, "It's an interesting question not because I think that news is being redefined. There used to be at least lip service or homage paid to a lack of bias in news." He continues, "Now people are wearing their bias when they are delivering the news. It's hard to make a world view, a way that you understand how the world works when you don't have any facts or when you fail to take facts in account that might challenge your world

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