Guest Episode: Transmission, from KNKX

The Class Of 2025 is in middle school but transitioning soon to high school. Here's an episode looking further out, and what it's like to be in a different transition - going away to college in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What's it like teaching middle school in 2021?

Two middle school teachers talk to OPB Think Out Loud host Dave Miller about what it's like in the virtual classroom right now — how to keep students engaged, talk about current events, and what might happen when things go back to "normal."

Guest Episode: RadioActive, from KUOW

Here's another youth-produced podcast, this time from KUOW in Seattle. It's called RadioActive. In this episode, teen reporters combine a fictional story with questions and answers about polarization, belonging, and social media.

Guest Episode: tbh

We've wrapped up this season of Class Of 2025, but we're back to share another show we think you'll like: tbh, from KALW. It's a chance to hear straight from high school students in the Bay Area. This episode, they're talking about race, education, and punishment.

Season 2, Epilogue: The Road to 2025 continues

Middle school is almost over for the Class Of 2025 — high school is next. An update on 8th grade, and a look to the future.

Season 2, Ep 6: Why some Black students may do better at home

For two Black students in the Class Of 2025, learning at home has been better than getting an education in-person. Why? How do these students' experiences in school with peers and teachers compare to being at home with parents and pets? We hear Rayshawn and Josh' stories, plus talk to a couple of University of Virginia professors.

Season 2, Ep 5.5: What's it like running a middle school in 2020?

We'll be back next week with episode 6, but here's a bonus in the meantime - a conversation with OPB host Geoff Norcross and Michael Contreras, principal of Ron Russell Middle School - where most of the Class Of 2025 goes to school.

Season 2, Ep 5: Boys "Fall Apart" in middle school

Middle school is a time of changes — academic, social, emotional, and physical. For boys, puberty tends to start in the middle of middle school — later than for girls. What effect does that have on differences between boys' and girls' learning and behavior? How much do "old school" gender roles play into it? Johnathan and Joel share their challenges with middle school, and we'll talk brains with a neuroscientist.

Season 2, Ep 4: Lessons from The Plague - new teachers in 2020

It's Friday the 13th, the last day of in-person school, and Nathan Tew was teaching about the bubonic plague. New teachers to a middle school reflect on how the school year blew up, their scramble to maintain contact with students, and how things are going now.

Season 2, Ep 3: The year that screen time was all the time

Teens are online a lot, and the pandemic pushed teens online even more — whether through a computer or phone screen. At the same time, adolescence is an important time for building friendships and social connections. How are teens staying connected? Kaylie, Ava, Osvaldo, and Josh share their digital insights.

Season 2, Ep 2: When school and home collide — COVID-19 continued

School isn't the only thing COVID-19 is interrupting. Being stuck at home means boredom, frustration, loneliness — not to mention the fear and anxiety that comes with living through a pandemic. We hear from Shelby, Ava, Kaylie, and their families about life at home during COVID-19, plus a University of Oregon psychology professor weighs in.

Season 2, Ep 1: The Class of 2025 and COVID-19

The Class of 2025 was halfway through middle school when COVID-19 shut down classrooms. At first, teenagers were excited for an extended spring break. But weeks turned into months of students staring at computer screens and the same walls of their homes. We hear from Anais, Rayshawn, and their families about what it's like trying to learn during a global pandemic.

Class of 2025 trailer

OPB has followed a group of Oregon students for 8 years. The Class of 2025 is in the middle of middle school now - where school and social drama met a pandemic, protests, and an economic downturn. Learn what it's like to be 13 in 2020. The Class of 2025 podcast is coming to you this November, from Oregon Public Broadcasting.