Notably Texan Conversations with Texas musicians, singers, and songwriters who visit 88.9 KETR.
Notably Texan

Notably Texan


Conversations with Texas musicians, singers, and songwriters who visit 88.9 KETR.

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Rosie Flores and The Talismen Give New Life To a Classic Sound

With a voice as big as her home state of Texas, and guitar skills that make younger players green with envy, "The Rockabilly Philly" Rosie Flores shows no signs of slowing down in her fifth decade as a performer.

Lisa Loeb's New Music Is Uplifting and Catchy

Businesswoman, philanthropist, public radio listener, actress, and singer-songwriter are just a few descriptions for Dallas native Lisa Loeb. Her '90's hit "Stay (I Missed You)" still resounds more than 25 years later, and her iconic glasses spawned her own Lisa Loeb Eyewear collection.

New Album Highlights Dallas Singer's Versatility

Helene Cronin's album Old Ghosts and Lost Causes culminates 15 years of experience as a songwriter and performer into a wonderfully eclectic collection of songs

Tall Tales and Great Tunes from James Cook

Great music comes from all parts of Texas, and James Cook is representing Witchita Falls in style. His album Tall Tales Of A Brown Buffalo contains a wide range of genres from Americana to southern rock to jazz, infused with his soaring, raspy vocals.

Texas Singer Has a Modern Take on Funk and R&B

Cassandra Elese grew up in Austin influenced by records from Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross, inspiration that she carried all the way to her debut EP "Honesty" which puts her powerful pipes and positive vibes on full display.

Tony Ramey Is Never At A Loss For A Song

Tony Ramey spent more than 15 years in Nashville as a hired songwriting gun. Eventually the music industry changed and it was time for a change of scenery, and now he and his family call Northeast Texas home.

Gary Kyle's Latest Song Is Putting Him On the Map

Texas' own Gary Kyle is hitting it big with his new release American Flags , which is being played on more than 150 stations outside of Texas. The Houston native is excited to make new fans and spread his music beyond the Texas border.

Jeff Warren Johnston Has A Unique Take On Country

It is not everyday that a Texas music show receives a country record which really stands out and shines as something unique, but that's exactly what Notably Texan found in the Undiscovered Country release by Austin's Jeff Warren Johnston.

Dallas Rockers Stand Out On Debut Release

A new band needs something to set it apart, and what better way than with a unique name. The Dallas rock outfit Omicron J Trauma has the unusual moniker covered, plus an old school alternative rock sound, and their record is out on Spotify, Soundcloud, and on extended play cassette...seriously!

Tiger Darrow's New EP Broods and Booms

Tiger Darrow is a young woman with a ton of talents. She acts, sings, music produces, plays multiple instruments, and already has a reputation for making music the way she wants to. Her move to New York City eight years ago proved that Texas couldn't even contain all her talent!