Notably Texan Conversations with Texas musicians, singers, and songwriters who visit 88.9 KETR.
Notably Texan

Notably Texan


Conversations with Texas musicians, singers, and songwriters who visit 88.9 KETR.

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Life Is Sweet For Honey Grove Native Tyler Bryant

Touring all across the US and Europe has become commonplace for him and his band in recent years, but Tyler Bryant's talents were locally sourced in Honey Grove, Texas not so long ago where he learned about the blues and honed his vocal and guitar skills.

Stephenville Native Lee Roy Parnell Treasures Time At Home In Texas

Before embarking on a string of shows across Texas, Lee Roy Parnell devoted time for a quality chat with Notably Texan.

Dallas Native Ignites His New Music Phase With "We're On Fire" Album

Seeking new inspiration in a city renowned for its rich music heritage, Joshua Dylan Balis made the move to Nashville where he's learned a lot. He checked in with Notably Texan on April 15.

Back Home In Texas, Barton Stanley David To Release New Album

Following a lifelong dream of living, performing and learning in New York City, fifth-generation Texan Barton Stanley David has returned to his home state with a renewed spirit for making music

Texan John Ford Coley Recounts Days With England Dan

Throughout his more than 50 years in music, John Ford Coley has recorded a wide range of styles from Americana to soft and psychedelic rock, but is perhaps best remembered for songs like I'd Really Love To See You Tonight and Nights Are Forever Without You with his successful 70's duo England Dan and John Ford Coley.

Jackson Scribner's Future Is Bright As Debut Album Makes Impressions

The growing suburb of Melissa, Texas has received recent attention thanks to the 2019 opening of a new branch of Texas gas station and tourist destination Buc-ee's, but the small town is also becoming known as the home of overnight music sensation Jackson Scribner.

Billy Law Has His Solo Career In Order

Billy Law has played a backing role in the Dallas band Ottoman Turks for a decade, but he has always been writing his own material that he imagined releasing someday.

Rosie Flores and The Talismen Give New Life To a Classic Sound

With a voice as big as her home state of Texas, and guitar skills that make younger players green with envy, "The Rockabilly Philly" Rosie Flores shows no signs of slowing down in her fifth decade as a performer.

Lisa Loeb's New Music Is Uplifting and Catchy

Businesswoman, philanthropist, public radio listener, actress, and singer-songwriter are just a few descriptions for Dallas native Lisa Loeb. Her '90's hit "Stay (I Missed You)" still resounds more than 25 years later, and her iconic glasses spawned her own Lisa Loeb Eyewear collection.

New Album Highlights Dallas Singer's Versatility

Helene Cronin's album Old Ghosts and Lost Causes culminates 15 years of experience as a songwriter and performer into a wonderfully eclectic collection of songs