I asked a hacker to spy on me via my Amazon account. It took him 5 minutes to break in

When it comes to security of smart home devices, Amazon's biggest weakness — is us.

I asked a hacker to spy on me via my Amazon account. It took him 5 minutes to break in

After online shopping binge, a plastic packaging hangover

We're entering the biggest shopping season of the year. For many people, that means online shopping — packages piled on doorsteps, delivery cars and vans whipping down streets. But what do we do with the packaging after we rip it open?

'The AI will see you now.' How tech could alter the doctor-patient relationship

On this week's episode of Primed, we talk to Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist whose book "Deep Medicine" explores the impact of AI technology on health care. Dr. Topol believes AI can help doctors build a more nuanced model of their patients' profiles — a model that more accurately represents the complex human beings who need care.

'The AI will see you now.' How tech could alter the doctor-patient relationship

Should an AI be managing your meds?

Joyce Lee, a pediatrician and professor at the University of Michigan, thinks a lot about how technology and design can help people remember to take their pills. Her inspiration? A ketchup bottle.

What Alexa can learn from a heart attack on the moon

Minutes after the Apollo 15 lunar module blasted off the surface of the moon, Astronaut James Irwin's heart began to stutter. Down at Mission Control, Dr. Charles Berry watched the astronaut's EKG. He saw a series of rapid double beats with long pauses in between. If Irwin was on Earth, Dr. Berry said, "I'd have him in ICU being treated for a heart attack."

Amazon has a 'secret apartment.' What's in it? We found out

There's a secret apartment on the 30th Floor of Amazon's Day One building in Seattle. We've wanted to get inside for months. This week, we finally did.

We're living longer. Can Alexa help us live better?

On this week's episode of Primed, we explore how smart speakers like Amazon's Echo fit into the lives of older people. Some elders find Alexa annoying or intrusive. But others interact with the technology in practical, creative ways. Here are a few of their stories.

Parenting in the age of Alexa? It's complicated

This week's episode of Prime(d) talks about the relationship between children and Alexa, Amazon's AI-powered virtual assistant. Kids love to ask Alexa questions. And Alexa is listening.

Preview: Primed Season 3

Amazon is ending up in more and more of our homes. But are we asking the right questions when we invite Amazon and Alexa into our lives?

When Amazon becomes your block watch captain

In this season finale of Prime(d), we go deep into how neighborhood social networks and surveillance are changing our behavior in our neighborhoods.

Will technology save us?

We hosted a debate with some big thinkers.

Are you ready for Amazon to be the brains in your house?

On this episode of Prime(d), we talk with David Choffnes, Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Northeastern University. He helps run a lab studying IoT devices.

Meet the coders who hear you yell at Alexa

As we say in the radio biz – the mic is always on.

I delivered packages for Amazon. Here's what I learned

The last mile of delivery is the hardest. And for the biggest internet retailer in the U.S., sometimes FedEx, UPS and the USPS aren't enough. That's why Amazon created an army of gig workers paid demand-based wages to deliver packages using their own personal vehicles.

We wanted fast delivery. Amazon delivered. What's next?

Where is our addiction to Amazon's instant gratification taking us?

Amazon's online dominance may actually spark joy for brick-and-mortar

Are you ready for a future where you browse for knick knacks while cameras watch and analyze your every move? Well, it may already be here.

Alexa, does this online retailer make me look cool?

Seattle isn't particularly known for its fashion sense, but a breakthrough might be coming from those tech offices in South Lake Union.

There's no escaping Amazon in your life

People might think they can wean themselves off Amazon. But they can't, not really.

Amazon calls it splitsville with New York

Amazon broke up with New York City on Valentine's Day. Or maybe, New York broke up with them. Either way, Amazon is not moving in and New York is moving on.

Could grocery delivery drones be in our future?

The online grocery business is a real tough nut to crack.

Is Amazon too big to trust?

One study found that Amazon is one of the most trusted institutions in the country.

Will Amazon push out New York's beloved bodegas? We went to Queens to find out

There are those that have been expecting big changes for a neighborhood in Queens, New York called Long Island City.

Will Amazon push out New York's beloved bodegas? We went to Queens to find out

It's a wonderful Amazon life. Right?


Amazon's HQ2s: On the corner of optimism and concern

In this special mini-episode of Prime(d) we'll hear some of the first impressions from Amazon's new neighbors.