FAQ City Have a question about Charlotte? WFAE will find out the answer. Submit yours at WFAE.org/FAQCity. New episodes will come out every other week on Tuesday.
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Have a question about Charlotte? WFAE will find out the answer. Submit yours at WFAE.org/FAQCity. New episodes will come out every other week on Tuesday.

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FAQ City: Why All The Abandoned Cars On Charlotte's Highways?

WFAE listener Chris Broughton and his family wrote in wondering why Charlotte seems to have so many abandoned cars left on the side of the highway. "I noticed it, I think, as soon as we got here two years ago," he said, "I swear there's more than other places I've been. We've driven down to Florida and we go all the way up to Ottawa, Canada, fairly frequently, and neither of us has noticed quite so many cars as when we hit Charlotte."

FAQ City: The Haunting Of Queens University

Not long ago, two of our listeners wrote in wondering about paranormal hotspots in the Charlotte area. Does Charlotte have local ghosts? Is the city haunted by the supernatural? According to some students and longtime faculty at Queens University, the answer might be yes.

FAQ City: What Happened To Charlotte's Earle Village?

Few Charlotteans may remember Earle Village, the public housing community built in First Ward just outside uptown. It was a bustling community that stretched from 6th street to 10th street, roughly bordered by Myers Street and Caldwell Street. It was the place where 400 of the city's poorest families resided — until the village was condemned to demolition in the 1990s.

FAQ City: Where's All Of Charlotte's Live Music?

Charlotte has never been a Nashville or even an Atlanta when it comes to live music, but that's not to say a local scene doesn't exist here. It's just a little tougher to find, especially after a string of live music venues shut down in the last few years.

FAQ City: How Did Charlotte Neighborhoods Get Their Names?

Here's a question that comes to us from WFAE listener Summer Cook. She wrote to FAQ City wondering where all of Charlotte's neighborhood names came from. For example, who is Elizabeth? Or Cherry? What about Dilworth?

FAQ City: Why Is Downtown Charlotte Called 'Uptown'?

The FAQ City team is on vacation this weekend. Since we have so many new listeners joining us, we want to share with you one of the most popular questions we've answered on the podcast....

FAQ City: Why Is Charlotte Pride In August, Not June?

Ever wondered why Charlotte celebrates Pride in August, and not in June, like most other major cities? WFAE listener Jennifer Lange did.

FAQ City: Is it Sugaw Creek or Sugar Creek?

The spelling and pronunciation of Little Sugar Creek, which flows into Sugar Creek (or is it Sugaw Creek?) have been a source of debate for well over 200 years. Which is right?

FAQ City: The Rivalry Between Charlotte And Raleigh

How is the relationship between Charlotte and Raleigh? Are we good? Charlotte is North Carolina's largest city, while Raleigh is the state capitol. Seems like tensions between the two have been simmering on and off for decades.

FAQ City: Who Is That Gold Man Statue And Why Is He Missing?

For decades, a four-foot gold statue has stood at the intersection of Queens and Providence Road, his right index finger extended. Sometimes he's dressed up for sporting events or weddings at the Methodist church next door. Last September, he disappeared from the intersection, leaving only a few patches of monkey grass where his pedestal stood.

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