Long Road Ahead

Today on Colorado Edition: We'll learn more about the friction between city-level and county-level public health measures by taking a look at how the city of Greeley is managing the pandemic. Plus, we'll hear about what it's like living in Logan County, a COVID-19 hot spot. We'll also get a preview of the state legislature's special session, which starts Nov. 30, and we'll get some ideas for making this Thanksgiving special.

Changing Rules

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll learn about a new study that looks at the impact of COVID-19 on mental health. Plus, how ski areas and art venues have been impacted by new restrictions, and we'll hear about two different Jefferson Counties.

The Days To Come

Today on Colorado Edition: We take a look at Boulder County's move to the state's new COVID restriction level, announced earlier this week. We'll also hear from a doctor working across state lines about how the pandemic is going from her point of view. Plus, we'll learn more about an anticipated surge of coronavirus-related hospitalizations in the Roaring Fork Valley, and we'll see how the work-from-home trend is playing out here in Colorado.

Asking For More

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll learn about the governor's efforts to sell lawmakers on a coronavirus relief package. Plus, we'll look at the latest impacts of the pandemic on education, and learn about a non-police response program in Denver. Finally, we'll hear from the University of Denver's Prison Arts Initiative.

No Sweeter Sound

Today on Colorado Edition: We take a look at Colorado's COVID-19 vaccine plan, and how the state's response to the pandemic impacts local public health directors. We'll also learn about how a key coronavirus metric used in our state could be off. Plus, we'll hear how Colorado's choirs are keeping up the practice, even during the pandemic.

Wildfire And Water

Today on special episode of Colorado Edition: We'll hear four stories out of Wyoming and Colorado about the intersection of water and wildfires, including a look at how wildfires impacted water in Yellowstone National Park. The stories are a part of KUNC's Wildfire and Water series.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Today on Colorado Edition: We learn more about the Boulder Valley School District's decision to end their school resource officer program. We'll also take a look at what local public health measures mean for businesses. Plus, we'll hear about trauma-informed yoga for military veterans, and we'll dive into recent controversy surrounding metadata and public lands.

The Third Wave

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll hear from a local doctor about an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations. Plus, we'll look at the spread of COVID-19 in fire camps. We'll also discuss how election results will impact education in our state, and learn about an unusual method to control erosion.

Leading The Pack

Today on Colorado Edition: We learn what's next after Coloradans voted this year to reintroduce gray wolves to our state. We'll also explore why it was such a close race. Plus, we'll take a look at what environmental policy could look like under the incoming Biden-Harris administration. Lastly, we'll hear about one man's work to keep Estes Park online during the recent wildfires.

Learning To Listen

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll learn about telehealth during the pandemic. Plus, we'll talk with a local teacher, and get some tips for how to listen better.

The Results Are (Mostly) In

Today on Colorado Edition: We take a look a number of local municipal ballot questions, and with Colorado voters determining the state's part in the National Popular Vote Compact, we explore what that means for the future of campaigns in the state. Plus, we'll hear from a poll worker who's been working to keep voting smooth since early voting began a few weeks ago. We'll also take a look at what's ahead for the U.S. Supreme Court and what that could ultimately mean for our state.

Live Special: Colorado Election Results And Analysis

Today on a special live episode of Colorado Edition: We break down this year's state election results with KUNC reporters and a political science expert.

What To Expect When You're Expecting (Election Results)

Today on Colorado Edition: We'll get a look at when we can expect Colorado's election results. We'll also learn more about why paramedics in Colorado sedate people during encounters with law enforcement, and we'll explore teaching workloads during the pandemic.

Trials And Tribulations

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll learn about a COVID-19 vaccine trial taking place in our area. Plus, we'll learn about research at universities, hear the story of the Colorado Cannibal, and get some tips for maintaining your mental health during a stressful season.

In Your Head

Today on Colorado Edition: We talk with a public health official about recent coronavirus case numbers and additional public health measures. We also get a look at the state of Colorado's travel industry and we check in on the mental health outlook for northern Colorado.

No Free Lunch

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll hear from a local business owner about the impact of the recent wildfires on her restaurant. Plus, we'll get a look at how COVID-19 spreads in schools, talk with the state forester about forest management and the wildfires, and hear a KUNC reporter's experience curing his ballot.

La Ofrenda (The Offering)

Today on Colorado Edition: We get a glimpse at how recent wildfires are impacting local school districts, and we'll hear about a new podcast focused on the sage grouse, a bird that lives in the sage brush. And ahead of Día de Muertos, we'll speak to an artist about a community ofrenda they created in Denver. We'll also learn about a local theater in northern Colorado that may or may not be known for ghosts.

Too Much, Too Fast

Today on Colorado Edition: we get an update on some of the wildfire activity in our state. We also look at where water and fire meet in the West, learn about a new state eviction moratorium, and hear about a political survey of Colorado.

A Price To Pay

Today on Colorado Edition: We learn about the state's plan to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine as it becomes available. We'll also travel to Wyoming to learn about invasive plants and how they play into the threat of wildfires. Plus, we'll take an investigative look at why the state is paying journalists to write stories about tourism, and we'll get a better understanding of how the state used tax incentives to lure businesses to Colorado.

Heads Up

Today on Colorado Edition: we get the perspective of a climate scientist on the fire season we're having, and learn about the impact of the Cameron Peak Fire on Fort Collins' water supply. We'll also hear about how Jeffco Public School's reading curriculum holds up, and get tips for how to talk with friends and family about conspiracy theories.

Watch The Money

Today on Colorado Edition: We get the latest on Larimer County's COVID-19 numbers and what the county is doing to slow the spread of the virus. We'll also get a look at the kind of danger homeowners face when it comes to wildfires. Plus, we'll hear about the latest campaign finance numbers for several of Colorado's most-watched races, and we learn more about youth voting in Colorado.

Where There's Smoke

Today on Colorado Edition: With the Cameron Peak Fire taking the spot this week for Colorado's largest wildfire, we get some context about this historic fire season and how climate change fits in. We'll also examine the role of guns at recent protests around the state. Plus, we get the policy takeaways from Colorado's recent senate debates and we explore the question of a paid family and medical leave program.

What Say You?

Today on Colorado Edition: We get a look at how ballot signatures are verified in Colorado. We'll also check in on the race for the state's third congressional district and we'll learn more about one of the state ballot questions, Proposition 117. We'll also hear what local candidates for district attorney and the state board of education are thinking about mental health issues and solutions.

Practicing Kinship

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll get a preview of some municipal ballot questions. Plus, how one Colorado college is using a Navajo principle in its COVID-19 response. We'll also learn about how the pandemic impacted a local public health alliance, and get ideas for how to safely celebrate Halloween this year.