Global Journalist Hosted by Jason McLure, Global Journalist features journalists discussing under-covered international news and human rights issues.
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Hosted by Jason McLure, Global Journalist features journalists discussing under-covered international news and human rights issues.

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Global Journalist: Foreign Journalists Confront New Challenges

On this edition of Global Journalist, a look at how the news gets reported in some very different parts of the world. We'll talk to a journalist from Ghana about how politicians are undermining the credibility of the news media in the West African democracy. In addition, as tensions between India and Pakistan are again spiking, we'll meet a Muslim journalist who describes the challenges of working in a country where Hindu nationalist sentiment continues to rise. Finally, we'll speak to a

Global Journalist: New Yorker's Hessler seeks outsider stories from China to Egypt

On this special edition of Global Journalist, an extended interview with award-winning foreign correspondent and author Peter Hessler. In 1996, the U.S. Peace Corps sent the Columbia, Mo. native to a city in central China to teach English at a teacher's college. During that period, few Westerners had spent much time in the city, and Hessler's experiences became fodder for his widely acclaimed 2001 memoir, "River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze." Hessler later returned to China and spent seven

Global Journalist: New Yorker's Hessler seeks outsider stories from China to Egypt

Global Journalist: Fighting News Illiteracy

Everybody with a cell phone is a publisher these days. Maybe it's time we learn to be reporters. The downside of the internet is that it has given propagandists and peddlers of disinformation easy access to a worldwide audience. No country is immune from the problem. On this edition of Global Journalist hosted by Kathy Kiely, a look at efforts at efforts to fight disinformation, counter Russian propaganda and learn how some organizations are working to increase news literacy around the world.

Global Journalist: 'Reverse Missionaries' Bring Christianity to U.S., Europe

There are now nearly twice as many Christians in the Global South as there are in Europe and North America. As Christianity's center of gravity has shifted - so too is the flow of missionaries. Thousands of Christians from places like Brazil, Nigeria and South Korea - where Christianity was first brought by European and North American missionaries - are now traveling to Europe and North America seeking to convert the natives. On this edition of Global Journalist, a discussion about the growing

Global Journalist: 'Reverse Missionaries' Bring Christianity to U.S., Europe

Global Journalist: Dutch Debate Rise in Euthanasia

In the first of a two-part series on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, Global Journalist examines the issue in the Netherlands – the first country to legalize euthanasia. Over the past decade the number of Dutch choosing to have a doctor end their lives voluntarily has climbed to nearly 7,000 per year, or about 4 percent of all deaths in the country. This includes physically-healthy people with dementia and psychological disorders that haven't responded to treatment. As the numbers have

Global Journalist: Soviet Nuclear Program Leaves Grim Legacy

The Soviet Union's nuclear program was once one of the largest in the world. But from Chernobyl to the empire's former atomic bomb site in Kazakhstan, the legacy of that effort still affects tens of thousands of people in the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. On this edition of Global Journalist, we learn about the Semipalatinsk test site in the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan, where more than 400 nuclear weapons were tested and where local people now graze their

Global Journalist: Child soldiers a persistent problem

Thousands of children have been used as soldiers in at least 18 countries around the world in the past two years. For the children who survive, the trauma of war can have long-lasting impacts. On this edition of Global Journalist, we're going to hear about how two aid groups are trying to address this issue in South Sudan and Uganda. We'll also hear from two ex-child soldiers about how the trauma of fighting in wars shaped their lives. This program first aired Nov. 29, 2018.

Global Journalist: Sudan's Crisis

When Sudan's dictator of 30 years was ousted in April following months of protests, many were hopeful that the African nation might transition towards democracy. Yet less than three months after Omar al-Bashir's arrest, the country's military turned its guns on the protesters and a general linked to the genocide in Darfur is ascendant. On this edition of Global Journalist, we look at the political crisis in Sudan and the prospects for a transition to civilian government.

Global Journalist: Local News in Global Decline - Part 3

Local newspapers have been eviscerated over the last 15 years as social media and the internet have destroyed their business model. Yet all is not doom and gloom. In the third part of our series on the global crisis in local news with the Index on Censorship , a look at new business models to support local journalism as well as how robot reporters might yet save their human counterparts. We'll also get a look at efforts to keep "deep fake" videos from going viral on the internet and further

Global Journalist: Global Decline in Local News - Part 2

Local and regional newspapers have dwindled all across the U.S. as print advertising revenues have shrunk. But the U.S. isn't alone - there is a local news crisis all around the globe. In the second part of our series on the decline in local news with our partners at the Index on Censorship, a look at the problem in India, Poland and Argentina. In these countries, traditional local news outlets face a host of problems: from populist governments to WhatsApp groups.

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