Global Journalist Hosted by Jason McLure, Global Journalist features journalists discussing under-covered international news and human rights issues.
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Hosted by Jason McLure, Global Journalist features journalists discussing under-covered international news and human rights issues.

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Global Journalist: How a Sports Reporter Challenged Romania's Oligarchy

Tol-on-tan! Tol-on-tan! More satisfying, perhaps, than a Pulitzer Prize was the tribute paid to Catalin Tolontan by a crowd of people chanting his name during a street protest. They were celebrating the Romanian journalist's role in exposing the oligarchs whose greed killed dozens of people. It's a scene from one of this year's True/False documentaries about a remarkable act of journalism and civic courage. In this week's edition of Global Journalist, we meet the movie director and his subject

Global Journalist: From Ebola to COVID-19

Two journalists who covered Ebola when victims of an outbreak in Africa came to the United States for treatment six years ago discuss how that experience compares to today's COVID-19 pandemic. Ebola, which continues to flare in Africa, causes fever and internal bleeding and kills half the people who contract it, according to the World Health Organization.

Global Journalist: Singapore Confronts a Second Coronavirus

For the second time in two decades, Singapore is grappling with a coronavirus. One of the hotspots of the SARS outbreak in the early 2000s, the country is putting the lessons it learned then to work as it faces COVID-19, the potentially deadly infection caused by another coronavirus. Missouri School of Journalism student Aqil Hamzah, quarantined in his hometown, interviewed two veteran newspaper editors about how coverage of the two outbreaks compares.

Global Journalist: Covering Two Deadly Viruses

At first, it just seemed like an odd story to pursue during a quiet post-Christmas week in the newsroom in 2015. But New York Times reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr.'s interest in what would become the Zika epidemic has made him something of an expert on viral outbreaks. After his work on Zika, the virus that ravaged newborns in the tropics, McNeil now finds himself covering the even more deadly coronavirus that is causing COVID-19. In this episode, he gives a reporter's view of the ethics of

Global Journalist: Photojournalism During a Pandemic

Journalists are first responders too. While many reporters and editors are working from home these days, the women and men who bring you the images of a society in lockdown don't have that luxury. In a March 20 webinar sponsored by the Reynolds Journalism Institute, three West Coast photojournalists discussed the challenges they are facing and the new precautions they are taking while bringing you the news. We're airing highlights of that conversation on this edition of Global Journalist.

Global Journalist: When a Coronavirus Hit in 2003

A new coronavirus emerging out of Asia, striking panic with the suddenness of its onset, the ease of its spread and the virulence of its impact. Sound familiar? In 2003, the coronavirus caused SARS, sudden acute respiratory syndrome. This from-the-vault episode of Global Journalist features a conversation with reporters who back then were on the ground at SARS infection hotspots: Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto. We're re-airing the program now because we think it raises some

Global Journalist: Covering COVID in China

During the coronavirus outbreak, Global Journalist is talking to some of the workers on the frontlines. They don't always get the recognition of doctors and nurses, but journalists also are risking — and in some cases — giving their lives to get information to the public. In this first in a series of podcasts. Missouri School of Journalism students interview a Voice of America reporter how he navigated China's closed society to report on the outbreak.

From the Global Journalist Vault: Former Hostage Terry Anderson on Press Freedom

While Global Journalist is on hiatus from the KBIA airwaves, a team of student researchers are combing through nearly 20 years of past programs. This one ran 18 years ago this week. We thought you might be interested in reflecting on how things have changed since then — and how they have not changed. In this program, the late Stuart Loory , a veteran correspondent who served as the first Lee Hills Chair in Free Press Studies at the Missouri School of Journalism, interviews a panel of

From the Global Journalist Vault: Former Hostage Terry Anderson on Press Freedom

Global Journalist: The Fight for Press Freedom in Asia

Two women journalists who launched online start-up publications in their home countries face eerily similar challenges — not from the business climate but from the political climate. Global Journalist talks with Supriya Sharma and Maria Ressa about the way the government and business leaders under investigation by their publications are using social media to silence and discredit journalists.

Global Journalist: A Conversation with Jim Lehrer

Missouri School of Journalism alumnus Jim Lehrer talks about his career covering a presidential assassination, two presidential impeachments and 12 presidential debates in an interview at the Reynolds Journalism Institute. In this program, produced and anchored by Benjamin Brink, Lehrer also recalls his days as a cub reporter with the Columbia Missourian and discusses the challenges now facing journalism and democracy.

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