Song of the Day The KUTX team looks high and low for songs and artists that should be on your radar. It's a no-frills showcase for some of the great music that comes through the "live music capital of the world." Join us to discover new music and revisit some old favorites — one song at a time.

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Song of the Day

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The KUTX team looks high and low for songs and artists that should be on your radar. It's a no-frills showcase for some of the great music that comes through the "live music capital of the world." Join us to discover new music and revisit some old favorites — one song at a time.

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Hikes: "Been Thinkin'"

Now wrapping up their first decade of intensive collaboration, Austin quartet Hikes has ventured into the realm of near undefinable. While "felt rock" was a placeholder label in the early years, dynamic elements of math rock, indie, folk, punk, pop, metal, shoegaze, and experimental are all on the table for these performance perfectionists, who are never fully comfortable with any tempo, rhythm, key, or time signature. In short, Hikes fittingly makes music that moves, and when you're in a crowd of 100+ longtime fans, it really moves. Hikes hasn't been without their own personal hardships though, and a shared sense of compassion earned over past couple years of internal turmoil has fueled their latest LP, Mahal Kita. Featuring the return of Mother Falcon co-founder Claire Puckett to the original lineup and taking its name from the Tagalog translation of "I love you", the nine tracks on Mahal Kita will make you fall for Hikes all over again. They'll be playing tonight at the Barracuda alongside Mary Bryce and Black Belt Eagle Scout, but be sure to listen through Mahal Kita, starting off with the Puckett-penned album opener, "Been Thinkin'"! Hikes celebrate the release of their new album with a party and show at Barracuda on January 17th with Christelle Bofale and The Kraken Quartet! –Jack Anderson

Confidence Man: "Does It Make You Feel Good?"

There's a certain paradoxical quality to dance pop, equally nostalgic and futuristic, physically demanding yet emotionally uplifting, and at times just as intensive on visuals as it is on the music. And with Janet Planet and Sugar Bones at the helm, Melbourne-based four-piece Confidence Man ticks all those boxes and more, to the point that that they've recently landed a touring spot alongside synthpop legends New Order. You can submit to the group's cult of seductive, house-inspired sonics in full with 2018's Confident Music for Confident People, and or get started off with the indulgent four-to-the-floor club banger that just came out last Friday, "Does It Make You Feel Good?" –Jack Anderson Photo: Jess Brohier

Mike Kiddoo: "What If" [PREMIERE]

For nearly ten years he was a die-hard shock rocker, but in the past year alone Austin's Mike Kiddoo has decidedly changed his tune. And although Kiddoo's now on the soul-pop-rock tip, his bohemian yet boisterous demeanor is still just as engaging as before. Kiddoo debuted the metamorphoses back in June and has been steadily sharing singles across the summer and fall, continuing today with his latest. Next week you'll be able to add the new single's music video to your Thanksgiving cornucopia, tomorrow night you can see Kiddoo and his backing three-piece at Cheer Up Charlie's, and today you can kick back to some funked up, electrified lite rock with the just released, "What If"! –Jack Anderson

Berhana: "Lucky Strike"

Born in Atlanta to Ethiopian parents, Amain Berhane grew up on Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Sam Cooke, and Stevie Wonder, so it shouldn't surprise you to learn that his project Berhana is fueled by R&B, funk, and soul. In the time since his eponymous 2016 EP, Berhana's relocated to NYC, played at a number of high-level festivals, and has had his music featured in the hit show Atlanta. Now backed by a live four-piece, Berhana shared his intimate debut full-length HAN in mid-October and kicks off a national tour in his hometown just before Thanksgiving. Berhana was set to play The Parish this Friday, but even though he had to cancel the initial Texas leg of the HAN tour, we're still jazzed about his new stuff in the Lone Star State. Just try and resist from boogieing your way through HAN's fourteen funkadelic tunes, especially the album's hard-hitting midpoint, "Lucky Strike"! –Jack Anderson

Graham Reynolds: "Highway 67"

For those that haven't spent a lot of time in the Live Music Capital, it may be tricky to get a quick grasp on all of the accomplishments accrued by Graham Reynolds. Well, without going too much into it, this composer-bandleader-improviser has lent his music to radio, television, film, and theatre, including soundtrack work for Richard Linklater and Netflix. Reynolds has collaborated with a ton of major Austin players over the years, all without losing his own voice or passion for multimedia disciplines. This Friday Graham Reynolds shares an ode to one of his all time favorite towns, MARFA: A Country & Western Big Band Suite, and at just shy of a dozen purely instrumental songs, its inherently Texas tone stays unadulterated by lyrics. The result is one of the best cruising albums to ever grace the Lone Star State, and before you catch the MARFA release show 8PM this Saturday at The Highball, adapt back to the workweek with some classic Western swing, "Highway 67"! –Jack Anderson

Yacht Rock Revue: "Step" (Jamie Lidell Remix)

A dozen years back Atlanta indie rockers Y-O-U played a less-than-serious set of '70s-'80s lite rock. Well, regardless of whether it's resurgent or undying, turns out that folks have a sincere love of the soft stuff, and Yacht Rock Revue was born. Flash forward to 2019, where the seven-piece's reputation has earned them performances alongside yacht legends, like key members of Player, Toto, Wings, Chicago, and more. But as we enter a new decade, YRR themselves enter another phase. Yacht Rock Revue's just announced their first LP of original compositions, HOT DADS in TIGHT JEANS, out February 21st, and among it's ten new tracks, HOT DADS will dock comfortably in retro rock harbor before YRR joins us in May at Emo's. And to break out the tanning lotion early, enjoy a just-released Jamie Lidell remix of one of the album's lead singles, "Step"! –Jack Anderson

5-D: "Burger Cheese"

When you've got an intense craving for creative writing, sometimes you have to take your lyrics to another dimension. Portland's Russell Dizer Jr. (RuDi Devino) and Austin's own Halston Brown (HBZ) have done just that in recent years with their boldest but far from first-ever collaboration, 5-D. Now both entering their second decade in the rap game, HBZ and RuDi initially crossed paths in 2010 shortly before co-founding five-piece hip-hop outfit SubKulture Patriots. In addition, RuDi's lent his vocals to Retr0Grade and CAPYAC, while HBZ's been heard alongside Sometimes A Legend and Sip Sip. And in light of some major maturation milestones (with HBZ entering fatherhood and RuDi quitting his day job to focus full-time on music) their uncouth camaraderie and aggressor-meets-slacker chemistry as 5-D continues to make for some infectious free-association tag-team rhyming schemes, heard once again on their third studio single. 5-D's debut EP will be popping up on your radar in 2020 but you can stack up a combo of vigor, ferocity, seduction and humor right now with "Burger Cheese"! –Jack Anderson

Luna Shadows: "practice"

For years her keyboard talents helped make The Naked and Famous a staple of New Zealand's synth-pop scene, but with an insatiable appetite to reflect on the modern world through song, Luna Shadows has found her footing in the solo spotlight. Beginning in 2016, a steady stream of indie-electro-inspired singles has illuminated Shadows' highly emotive lyrics and ability to talk about life's darker elements, all without getting too bleak for comfort. This last year Luna Shadows has been teasing her upcoming debut album and signature subdued style with a handful of new tracks, including this one just released today, "practice"! –Jack Anderson Photo: Larsen Sotelo

The Lagoons: "Give It Up For Love" [PREMIERE]

What first began as a fraternal bond evolved over time into a jazz band camaraderie, and in 2019 multi-instrumentalist brothers Ryan and Joey Selan are aligned once again as The Lagoons. This L.A.-bred Austin-based duo takes the best bits from classic rock, pop, & funk and interjects those tones into the modern landscape not only as musicians, but waist-deep as producers and recording engineers as well. Today The Lagoons break another barrier of time and genre with an inlet of '70s-inspired sounds, heard here for the first time ever: "Give It Up For Love"! –Jack Anderson

Milky Chance: "Daydreaming" feat. Tash Sultana

It's been almost a full decade since bassist Clemens Rehbein first linked up with guitarist Philipp Dausch in their one-time jazz quintet Flown Townes, but in those seven years since performing as Milky Chance, the group's creativity is far from curdling. This Kassel, Germany-based duo primarily identifies their sound as "electronic folk" though you'll hear elements of indie, reggae, dancehall, and alternative rock imbued across their eclectic arrangements. And in light of Dausch & Rehbein's newfound fatherhood statuses, Milky Chance has dedicated themselves to reducing waste and elevating environmental consciousness, a mission embodied in the title of their third LP Mind the Moon. Mind the Moon's dozen songs find Milky Chance frothing with greatness and lathering with high-calibre collaborators. Mind the Moon is out this Friday, and you can begin to get in phase with MC's lactose probability with one of the album's centerpieces, featuring Tash Sultana – "Daydreaming"! –Jack Anderson

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