Statewide Statewide features reporting from in and around Illinois.


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Statewide features reporting from in and around Illinois.

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Statewide: Illinois businesses are feeling the supply chain crunch

The disruption in the global supply chain means a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs are unable to fully restock their supplies, creating limited inventories. The cost of items is also going up. We'll hear how some businesspeople are coping right here in Illinois. That story and more on this episode of Statewide.

Statewide: Big Ag U

An investigation by Harvest Public Media and Investigate Midwest delves into the influence of corporations on public universities across the Midwest. We'll hear more reporting on the subject.

Statewide: A doctor's view of the AIDS crisis

A doctor, who is gay, was on the front lines of the AIDS crisis in the 80's and 90's. He tells about a feeling of helplessness as patients battled a disease without hope. It's part of our AIDS at 40 series.We also hear from parents as they consider COVID vaccinations for their younger children. Those stories and more on this episode of Statewide.

Statewide: Meatpacking employees struggle to feed their families

The arrival of a meatpacking plant in one Midwest community brought jobs and development. But it has also strained the social safety net. The local food pantry says half of its clients are plant employees. We take a closer look at the town's growing pains.

Statewide: A story of love and loss

On this week's Statewide, a man tells about the death of his partner and close friends It's part of our look at the AIDS epidemic, 40 years after the first case was diagnosed in Illinois.

Statewide: The changing media landscape and its impact

While larger cities have seen newspaper staffs decimated, some smaller communities have far less coverage, if any at all. The rise of the internet and how people access information have changed the traditional news model. We'll examine the problem and some possible solutions.

Statewide: Parental notification of abortion; What survived the Great Chicago Fire?

Illinois is considered one of the most progressive states in the nation when it comes to abortion laws. But it still requires a parent or guardian to be informed before a minor can can have the procedure. That could soon change. The issue is expected to be debated this month. And it was 150 years ago this month the Great Chicago Fire erupted in the city. But not everything was destroyed. We'll learn more about what survived, at least for a while. Those stories and more on this episode of Statewide.

Statewide: Parental notification of abortion; What survived the Great Chicago Fire?

Statewide: Protesting to save the trees; Race and economic development

Economic investment, and the jobs that follow, tends to happen in predominantly white communities. The opposite is true in Black neighborhoods. On this episode of Statewide, we examine what's behind the disparity. And we look back three decades at a protest in the Shawnee National Forest.

Statewide: Dress code controversy; Sears' long fall

Supporters of school dress codes say they help promote discipline and can actually improve safety of students. But many find them discriminatory and sexist. We'll hear how some students have pushed back on the policy. And Sears is closing its final store in Illinois. We recap the rise and fall of what was once the nation's largest retailer. These stories and more on Statewide.

Statewide: Vaccines and religious exemptions

COVID-19 vaccine mandates have been implemented as a way to increase the number of people getting the shots. However, both the federal and state orders allow those with religious objections to skip the vaccinations. Governments have protected that choice for years. But during a pandemic, there are concerns some are exploiting a loophole. We examine the history of religious exemptions and efforts to tighten the rules. We also hear how the return to the classroom hasn't been easy for some young learners. Those stories and more on this week's Statewide.