MPR News with Angela Davis Conversations about life in Minnesota and how the state is changing.
MPR News with Angela Davis

MPR News with Angela Davis

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Conversations about life in Minnesota and how the state is changing.

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Minnesota's leadership has a new look

Richfield, Moorhead and Brooklyn Center all elected their first mayors of color this past November. Those mayors talked about the issues facing their communities and how those communities are changing. Plus, a conversation with the man who brought the "I voted" stickers to Minnesota.

Minnesota's new housing commissioner has her work cut out for her

Housing and homelessness are top of mind in Minnesota which means that Jennifer Ho, Minnesota's new housing commissioner, has a lot on her list of issues to tackle. We also talk about the lesser known Spinosaurus.

Climate change: Are we screwed?

MPR News host Angela Davis spoke with two guests about where there's hope around the issue of climate change: MPR's Chief Meteorologist Paul Huttner and Kim Cobb, a professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

As federal shutdown continues, impact grows

Federal employees deemed "essential" are still showing up to work despite not receiving a paycheck last Friday. That's one of several ways the partial shutdown of the federal government is affecting Minnesota financially. MPR News host Angela Davis spoke with MPR News reporter, Tim Nelson, about how the shutdown is impacting Minnesotans.

Kids and sleep: What you need to know

Although kids are still only a fraction of the sleep medicine patient population, it's been growing quickly as doctors have focused on the importance of sleep to child and teen development--and realized that sleep disorders like apnea aren't limited to adults.

New documentary explores history of St. Paul Ford plant

A new documentary, "Made in St. Paul: Stories from the Ford Plant," captures the history of the Ford plant, from Henry Ford's early interest in the site to the stories of the workers who spent their days making the cars Americans drive. MPR's Angela Davis spoke with producer Peter Myers.

What kind of presidential candidate would Amy Klobuchar make?

The Iowa caucuses are more than a year away, but the field of democratic candidates is already shaping up. Should Minnesota DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar run for president? How does she stack up against other likely contenders? MPR News host Stephanie Curtis spoke with four guests about that: A reporter, a political scientist, a republican, and a democrat. Plus an update on the reappearance of Jayme Closs after being missing for almost three months.

Kaywin Feldman on art museums in the 21st century

Kaywin Feldman, the director and president of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, is leaving in March to become director of the National Gallery of Art in Washington. MPR News host Marianne Combs spoke with her. Plus, MPR News reporter Tim Nelson spoke with Mark Rosen on the eve of his retirement.

Walz is making transportation funding a priority

The new Governor has made it very clear, he's willing to raise the gas tax to fund road and bridge fixes.

2019 legislative session gets underway with new faces, familiar issues

Minnesota's 2019 legislative session kicks off Tuesday with a new balance of power. DFLers have the governor's seat and a new majority in the House, while Republicans retained their slim majority in the Senate.

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