SoundQs SoundQs is a podcast fueled by listener curiosity and answers questions about Seattle and the Puget Sound region.



SoundQs is a podcast fueled by listener curiosity and answers questions about Seattle and the Puget Sound region.

Most Recent Episodes

Why do so many people live in tents and RVs in Seattle?

SoundQs listeners have asked us lots of questions about homelessness. In this episode, we try to answer them.

Why is Seattle's street grid such a disaster?

You can blame Doc Maynard, Arthur Denny and glaciers.

Why can you hear gunshots at this high school?

Issaquah High School is like hundreds of other suburban schools around the country. But unlike most of those schools, the campus rings with the sound of gunshots.

What's life like on Lake Union's houseboats?

Seattleites have been living in floating homes for more than 100 years. We visit a floating home community and hear about the excitement of life on the water in this week's episode of SoundQs.

Seattle is among the worst cities in the U.S. for potholes

A SoundQ's listener asked why Seattle has so many potholes. So reporter David Hyde set out to learn why. And he discovered potholes are more than a nuisance - they're also a political talking point and a source of controversial art.

How a hot dog with cream cheese became part of Seattle's food legacy

Seattle's foodie reputation wasn't exactly built on hot dogs. And yet, we still have our own spin – the Seattle dog. It's a hot dog with grilled onions and cream cheese. The SoundQ's team finds out how this local take on street food was born.

You have lots of questions about recycling. We have answers

We've gotten dozens of SoundQ's questions about one topic - recycling. So we're re-running this archive episode with loads of answers, on everything from how to recycle to the global waste market.

How humans and cougars live together

This week, SoundQ's shares KUOW's newest podcast, The Wild. Host Chris Morgan tracks down a cougar den and tries to work out how we continue to coexist with cougars.

The mysterious disappearance of the Ballard Locks sea lions

Years ago, sea lions treated the Ballard Locks like an all-you-can-eat salmon buffet. But most of those sea lions are gone now. What happened to those sea lions? The SoundQ's team investigates.

Why does Seattle have so much public art?

A KUOW listener asked why there's so much public art in Seattle. Reporter Marcie Sillman travels back in time nearly 50 years to tell the sometimes-fraught story.

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