Parental Advisory: The Peters Brothers' anti-rock crusade

A family of pastors hell-bent on saving souls. A pro-sticker Washington wife. A B-horror blood-gusher with a heart of gold. Plus...Prince's photographer? This episode's cast of characters is just a peek at the wild ride of the Peters Brothers, the evangelical crusaders who preached against rock throughout the 1980s. [Songs sampled: KISS - "Plaster Caster"; Prince - "Darling Nikki"; Impaler - "It Won’t Die"]

How to Rap with your Grandma

Ever watched your grandmother spit verses for a crowd? Tou SaiK Lee has. He's one of several younger Hmong-Minnesotans who have collaborated with elders in the last decade, combining folk traditions and newer sounds. In this episode, we ask folks including Tou SaiK, Lis Pos, Shawn Mouacheupao, and Ernest and Missy Whiteman why and how they've reached across generations. [Songs sampled: Tou SaiKo Lee - “United Worldwide”; PosNoSys - “Sunshine”; Shawn Mouacheupao - “Forever, My Dear (feat. Lis Pos)”; Phooj Ywg - “Hlub Tso Cia”; Jasmine Tierra - “Our Love Was Real”]

Low: 25 Years In

Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker, married founding members of Low, have quietly shattered rock music norms throughout their quarter-century career. In this episode, we join them for an interview and a walking tour of their Northern Minnesota hometown. [Songs sampled: Low - "What Part Of Me"; Low - "No Comprende"; Low - "Words"; Low - "Starfire"; Low - "Fly"; Bob Dylan - "Desolation Row"]

Bonnie Raitt's Lake Minnetonka Beginning

Bonnie Raitt is best known for her hits "Something to Talk About" and "I Can't Make You Love Me." But back in 1971, she was a 21-year-old kid with a friendly streak, guitar chops, and her first record deal. That summer, she recorded her debut album on Lake Minnetonka with a motley crew of Minneapolis musicians, making music and commotion in a wild recording retreat.

Aan WadaMidnimayno Minnesota

Ask most casual Minnesota music fans about the West Bank neighborhood of Minneapolis, and they'll probably tell you about the folk and blues hippie scene of the '60s and '70s. These days, the West Bank is home to a thriving Somali population, and several Somali-Minnesotans are famous throughout the diaspora for their own music and poetry. In this episode, we learn about music and community from our Somali neighbors. [Songs sampled: Aar Maanta & Friends - "Welcome to Cedar-Riverside," Lazerbeak - "Winging It," Aar Maanta - "Deeqa," Aar Maanta - "Tahriib," Faarrow - "I Don't Belong To You," Huhroon - "Happy Birthday Haroon," Deka - "Fond Memory"]

The Andrews Sisters: Beyond the War

The Andrews Sisters, the vocal trio who sold nearly 100 million records during their lifetimes, came to symbolize the United States during WWII. You'd think their story is settled. But in this episode, Maxene's manager and longtime companion shares another side of the outgoing middle sister. Plus, historian Tom Rockvam talks about the Andrews' "heart home," just 25 miles outside of their hometown, Minneapolis. [Songs sampled: Lazerbeak - "Winging It," The Andrews Sisters - "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," The Andrews Sisters - "Bei Mir Bist du Schon"]

Pachyderm Studio: "You ain't going to find that in New York City"

Can you imagine PJ Harvey walking down a small-town Main Street? Kurt Cobain antiquing in farm country? Yup, that happened. It was all thanks to Pachyderm Studio, a rural recording facility that used to be a family home. In this episode, we'll meet that family, plus a dozen musicians and engineers who've recorded some unforgettable work at the studio. Engineer Steve Albini tells us why Pachyderm is so special, and Lori Barbero from Babes in Toyland shares a story about taking Nirvana to the Mall of America. Music sampled: Lazerbeak - "Winging It"; Nirvana - "All Apologies"; Ramblin' Jack Elliot - "The Buffalo Skinners (On The Trail of the Buffalo)"; Soul Asylum - "Bitter Pill"; PJ Harvey - "50 ft. Queenie"; Babes in Toyland - "Bruise Violet"; Gully Boys - "Dizzy Romantics" Stock media provided by SplashStudio / Pond5

Soundset: "We did it to say we did it"

Hip-hop legends and XXL freshmen. Indie rap nerds and kids from the 'burbs. Skaters, DJs, and tornado sirens. These are the main ingredients for Soundset, a Minnesota-based hip-hop festival that draws more than 30,000 people every year. In this episode of The Current Rewind, we find out how Soundset grew from a warehouse rave to, at one point, the biggest hip-hop festival in the country. Rhymesayers bosses Siddiq, J-Bird, and Slug of Atmosphere discuss their Soundset triumphs and fears. Plus, stories from Lizzo, Psalm One, DJ Spinderella, and more. Music sampled: Lazerbeak - "Winging It" Stock media provided by SplashStudio / Pond5

Introducing The Current Rewind

The Current Rewind is a music history podcast hosted by Andrea Swensson. Songs in this episode: Lazerbeak - "Winging It"