Tell Me About It - WUFT Media "Tell Me About It" is a weekly audio storytelling series hosted by Sue Wagner, WUFT community relations coordinator, focusing on events, organizations and research projects by those that helped create them and those that have benefited.
Tell Me About It - WUFT Media

Tell Me About It - WUFT Media

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"Tell Me About It" is a weekly audio storytelling series hosted by Sue Wagner, WUFT community relations coordinator, focusing on events, organizations and research projects by those that helped create them and those that have benefited.

Most Recent Episodes

Awesome Gainesville and GRACE Grows

Today's program features Awesome Gainesville, a local chapter of the Awesome Foundation. The Foundation exists to forward the interests of awesomeness in the universe and distributes grants to worthy organizations that foster the creation of surprise and delight. The first grant recipient is GRACE Grows. GRACE Grows provides a space where Grace Marketplace and Dignity Village guests can grow their own garden and interact with the community at large, learn about one another, and collaborate on a mission to wholeness. Many guests express that this garden is their reprieve from chaos and that they learn more through working the garden than they ever thought possible. GRACE Grows is currently growing high-quality food on-site and conducting an Agricultural Education Certificate Program that pays a stipend through an 8-week internship program. Through education and mentorship they work with participants to find employment in agricultural and horticultural jobs. The garden is located at 3055 NE 28th Avenue in Gainesville. More information call 352-389-1684, or

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Jack Davis

Today's program features Jack Davis, University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Rothman Family Chair in the Humanities and recipient of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for History for his book "The Gulf: Making of An American Sea." The book is the first comprehensive history of the Gulf of Mexico ever written. In the book, Jack tell a larger narrative of the American Sea – from the sportfish that brought the earliest tourists to Gulf shores to a vast array of historical characters who were drawn to the state. The book suggests how a penetrating examination of a single nation's history can inform the country's path ahead.

Jaret Daniels and Akito Kawahara – Lepidotera Research at FLMNH

Today's program features two acclaimed butterfly researchers from the Florida Museum of Natural History. Jaret Daniels, Director of the McGguire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, and Maguire Center Curator Akito Kawahara discuss their research on butterflies and moths and the effects that population, environmental issues and climate change have on preserving insect biodiversity. Akito's early fascination with butterflies. Additional Resources: 7 reasons why moths are amazing. July 19, 2018. Bat off! Larger hindwings and longer tails have evolved to help moths evade capture by bat. July 17, 2018. Watch how battles with bats give moths their flashy tails. July 4, 2018 National Geographic Magazine Article: Clever Luna Moths Use Decoys to Fool Bats. June 2016 issue.

K9s for Warriors – Randy Dexter and Captain

Today's program features K9s for Warriors in Alachua. K9s For Warriors is dedicated to providing service canines to disabled American veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and/or Military Sexual Trauma as a result of military service post-9/11. The dogs empower vets to return to civilian life with dignity and independence. Randy Dexter is the K9s for Warriors Gold Family Campus Director. Randy served as a combat medic in Iraq and the situations he experienced changed his life forever. He turned to alcohol and thoughts of suicide. When he thought all hope was lost he found K9s for Warriors and his service dog, a rescue named Captain. The program saved him, and he and Captain saved each other.

UF/IFAS Master Gardener Program and Ag Fest

Today's episode features the UF/IFAS Extension Master Gardener Program and the annual Ag Fest. UF/IFAS Extension services are one of the best kept secrets in the state of Florida. Master Gardener Volunteer Program Coordinator Dr. Taylor Clem and Dr. Kevin Korus, Natural Resource Agent, speak about the variety of programs they offer and the services and resources that are available to the community at no charge.

Lubee Bat Conservancy

This episode features the Lubee Bat Conservancy located at 1309 NW 192nd Avenue in Gainesville. Lubee Bat Conservancy is the global leader in fruit bat care, husbandry, and medical management. Director Brian Pope and Development Coordinator Dee McBride share their stories on the only bat conservation organization in the world that cares for bats while maintaining active conservation and education programs. More information on the Lubee Bat Conservancy available at

St. Francis Pet Care

Today's episode features St. Francis Pet Care in Gainesville. Each Tuesday morning, St. Francis Pet Care, an all-volunteer organization, provides free pet care by experienced local veterinarians to homeless and low income residents in Alachua County. Two of the three co-founders of St. Francis Pet Care, Gainesville veterinarian Dale Kaplan-Stein and community animal advocate Chris Machen, discuss the origin of the clinic, their tireless efforts to secure a new building, and the special bond that owners and their pets share. Through a generous grant from PetSmart Charities and donations from businesses, organizations and individuals in the community they were able to build a new, first of its kind in the U.S., professional building for the weekly clinic.

Dance Alive National Ballet

Today's episode features Dance Alive National Ballet. The Gainesville-based professional ballet company features an international roster of award-winning dancers. Elegant and exciting, they are at the heart of the company's undeniable success. Their repertoire ranges from the quintessential classic Nutcracker to the cutting-edge movement of contemporary ballet. Artistic Director Kim Tuttle and Choreographer-in-Residence Judy Skinner share the history of the company, its many accomplishments and the upcoming performance season. More information on Dance Alive National Ballet available at

The Repurpose Project and UF Sustainability for Earth Day

Today's episode will feature sustainability and the importance of Earth Day. Repurpose Project Co-Founder Sarah Goff and store coordinator and board member Tommy Baker speak about their services and their new community center. Then, University of Florida Office of Sustainability Outreach and Communications Coordinator Allison Vitt speaks about educational outreach and engagement programs on the UF campus and the community-at-large. For more information on The Repurpose Project: For more information on the UF Office of Sustainability:

IFAS Flavors of Florida Benefiting Field and Fork Pantry

Flavors of Florida, a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences tradition, offers a bountiful benefit for the sixth annual event: Proceeds from the event will go to the UF Field and Fork Campus Food Program. Speakers include Jack Payne, UF/IFAS Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, event host chef Bert Gill from Mildred's, New Deal and Blue Gills, and Anna Prizia, Program Director and Food Systems Coordinator for Field to Fork Campus Food Program. For more information on Field and Fork Pantry:

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