University Showcase Interviews with students, teachers and researchers doing interesting work at the University of New Mexico.
University Showcase

University Showcase


Interviews with students, teachers and researchers doing interesting work at the University of New Mexico.

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Project Highlights Stories Of Resilience In Pandemic

University Showcase, 7/16, 8a: The last year of the coronavirus pandemic has challenged communities all over the state. Last November, five students at the University of New Mexico began interviewing people about how they and their communities were coping in the pandemic and how they were forced to find their own resilience.

Chief Medical Examiner Talks About The Year Of COVID

University Showcase, Friday 6/18 8a: As the coronavirus pandemic took hold in New Mexico in April 2020, Dr. Heather Jarrell stepped into a new role --- interim chief medical examiner at the Office of the Medical Investigator . On this episode, we talk with Dr. Jarrell about how the pandemic affected her office and staff, especially with the ongoing shortage of forensic pathologists here and around the country. She also talks about the need to recruit more young people into the field.

Diné Professor's Research Grounded In Community

University Showcase, Friday 5/21 8a: Each year the University of New Mexico recognizes a faculty member with its Community Engaged Research Lecture award. On this episode, Professor Jennifer Nez Denetdale from the American Studies Department talks about her lecture " Dikos Ntsaaígíí ̶ Building the Perfect Human to Invade: A Diné Feminist Analysis of the Pandemic and the Navajo Nation."

How Maps Influenced Our Ideas About Mars

University Showcase 4/16 8a: From "War of the Worlds" to "The Martian Chronicles," the planet Mars has long held a grip on our popular imagination. But where did these early ideas about vast networks of canals and advanced, and sometimes hostile, civilizations come from? On this episode we explore the power of mapmaking to create reality, but also the tendency to work out our own problems on Earth by projecting them onto Mars.

Installation Gives Voice To River In Crisis

What is the sound of a river in crisis? That's what a group of artists explore in an installation opening online at the University of New Mexico Art Museum on World Water Day, March 22nd. "There Must Be Other Names For The River" guides viewers along the river where they hear vocalists singing a score based on riverflow data. The idea is to bring more awareness of climate change and water access issues. There is also a virtual community space where people can submit their own vocalization of

Scholar Outlines What Reparations Might Look Like

University Showcase, 2/19, 8a: On this episode we explore the concept or reparations with Kathy Powers , who has been studying transitional justice and reparations around the world for years. She's an associate professor of political science at the University of New Mexico.

Running Medicine Opens Wellness To Everyone

University Showcase, Friday, 01/15, 8a: On this episode we talk with the group Running Medicine , which recently won a national award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that recognizes and honors those in sport who display an innovative and collaborative approach to making their communities healthier places to live.

Book Explores Profound Impacts Of Climate Change On New Mexico

University Showcase, Friday, 12/18 8a: New Mexico and the Southwest are grappling with profound impacts brought by climate change and those will only get worse, so how are we preparing? Journalist Laura Paskus has covered New Mexico's environment for years and in her new book from University of New Mexico Press, "At The Precipice: New Mexico's Changing Climate," she explores the realities of climate change and the havoc it has been wreaking for years in the state.

New Health Secretary Brings Experience In Population Health, Course Focuses On Pandemic

University Showcase Friday, 11/20, 8a: On this episode we meet Dr. Tracie Collins , the women selected this month by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to be the new secretary for the New Mexico Department of Health. Collins has served as Dean of the UNM College of Population Health since 2019.

New Health Secretary Brings Experience In Population Health, Course Focuses On Pandemic

Project Focuses On Whole Family To Reduce Youth Recidivism

University Showcase Friday, 10/16, 8a: Young people who are caught up early in the justice system often face an array of challenges even before they get into trouble. Those can include untreated mental health problems, substance abuse and dysfunctional or violent home lives. Four years ago Project Adobe launched at the University of New Mexico, funded in part by Bernalillo County, and it's showing remarkable success in keeping young people from returning to the criminal justice system. On this