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Tok's electric school bus passes first cold-weather test

The eastern Interior town of Tok has Alaska's first and only electric-powered school bus . The vehicle has in use since mid-October, and it was put to the test earlier this month, when it transported students without any problem after the temperature had dropped to 35 below. Gerald "Stretch" Blackard bought the electric bus earlier this year with a nearly $400,000 state grant and $50,000 of his own money that he used to buy a solar-powered battery-recharging system. All because he wanted to find

Xbox video game 'Tell Me Why' brings Tlingit voices to the forefront

It's no secret that many television shows, movies, and video games inaccurately represent Indigenous communities, if they portray them at all. Realistic depictions of life in rural Alaska are also rare. But a new video game set in Southeast Alaska seeks to turn back the tide on that history. It's a familiar scene for Southeast Alaskans. Two people stand on a small ferry as it cruises down a protected channel between walls of snow-capped peaks and evergreen forests. Suddenly, they hear a noise

Shouldn't all of Juneau's bears be hibernating by now?

It's mid-November, and there are a few bears still active in the Juneau area. That may seem unusual, but it's not . Gloria Soto Llauger checked out her security camera footage just after this month's first big snow storm. There they were, after 1 o'clock in the morning, slowly ambling across the front of her house and parking area. A big mama black bear trailed by two new cubs of the year. "The other day they come and they are big bears," Soto Llauger said. "Mama was super big. The cubs are so

Sealaska Heritage Institute awarded federal grant to publish Tlingit, Haida archives

Late Tlingit scholars Nora Ḵeixwnéi Marks and Richard Xwaayeenák̲ Dauenhauer once dedicated the first volume of their book "Classics of Tlingit Oral Literature" to Tlingit orators. They co-edited the four-volume series and were two-time winners of the American Book Award. The couple carried the knowledge of Southeast Alaska's Native languages into the 21st century. Recently, the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services awarded Sealaska Heritage Institute a two-year grant to process and

Sealaska Heritage Institute awarded federal grant to publish Tlingit, Haida archives

Kotzebue Iñupiaq dancer Jacqui Lambert showcased in Biden campaign victory video

The campaign circulated a victory video featuring the jobs and hobbies of Americans from coast to coast. Set to Ray Charles's rendition of "America the Beautiful," the video portrayed Biden's promise to be a president for all Americans. Across various social media platforms, it was viewed over 60 million times. About 27 seconds in, 28-year-old Jacqui Lambert fills the frame, performing an Iñupiaq dance with Cook Inlet behind her . Lambert had posted one of her dances on Instagram shortly after

Kotzebue Iñupiaq dancer Jacqui Lambert showcased in Biden campaign victory video

Hooper Bay Charter School to receive $500,000 in grant funds

The Hooper Bay Charter School opened its doors this fall to students in grades 4 through 8. Last month, the U.S. Department of Education selected HBCS to receive over $500,000 in federal grant funding . Hooper Bay Charter School's mission is to provide culturally relevant education through a unique, place-based science curriculum. Several school districts across Alaska, including the Bering Strait, Lower Yukon, and Nome, have integrated culturally responsive learning into their schools. Even

Murkowski's latest Pebble action disappoints mine opponents

Opponents of the Pebble Mine are underwhelmed by Sen. Lisa Murkowski's latest bill to fund federal resource agencies . Murkowski has an opportunity to erect hurdles for Pebble, as chair of the Appropriations subcommittee that writes the annual bills to sustain Interior and environmental agencies. She released the bill Tuesday, and included a 240-word passage on Pebble in the report that interprets the spending bill. "I just hope that there's more to come from the senator," SalmonState director

Unalaska school hatchery revitalizes local silver salmon population

Around October every year for the last 19 years, Unalaska High School students have been wading into the Iliuliuk River, under science teacher Steven Gregory's guidance, to collect pairs of spawning salmon . Last week, students in Gregory's fisheries class stretched a seine net from bank to bank, while another group waded upstream, rhythmically slapping large dip nets on the surface of the water. "Two people go down and they scare the fish into the net and then a bunch of people stand on the net

Tulsequah Chief creditors denied unlimited time to find new buyer

Efforts at cleaning up a long closed Canadian mine upstream from Southeast Alaska's largest salmon producing system has taken another step forward . That's following a judge's order ending the receivership of bankrupt owners Chieftain Metals . The court ruling eases the path for the province of British Columbia to start cleaning up the Tulsequah Chief Mine . The former metals mine about 10 miles upstream from the border hasn't been productive since the 1950s. But for decades it's leeched acidic

Alaskans react to CNN poll labeling Native voters 'something else'

Native communities in Alaska and around the country responded to a graphic in CNN's Tuesday election coverage labeling voters that don't identify as white, Black, Latino or Asian as "something else." The gaffe led to the hashtag #SomethingElse trending among Natives on social media calling out the cable news network for its ignorance. While many Native voices made light of the situation with comedic memes and tweets, others said they were frustrated with the continued Native erasure. Barbara

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