Transmission Transmission is a podcast about life at the heart of an epidemic. As the nation copes with the unfolding Coronavirus pandemic, hear what it's like in the Pacific Northwest, at the vanguard of the COVID-19 outbreak.


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Transmission is a podcast about life at the heart of an epidemic. As the nation copes with the unfolding Coronavirus pandemic, hear what it's like in the Pacific Northwest, at the vanguard of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Most Recent Episodes

Episode 21: The Long Recovery

Tammy Edwards survived COVID-19. It was miserable, but she made it. She had hoped that once the virus ran its course, she could then get back to her life and her work as a nurse in Tacoma. Federal guidelines suggest a typical person sick with COVID should get better after a week or two . Tammy Edwards is three months past that point, and she is still recovering. "It's not a two-week, blanket, flu like thing," she says. "Every day you feel it. You feel the shortness of breath, you feel the

Episode 20: Lockup to Lockdown

Imagine getting out of prison after almost two decades, and being released into ... this. That's what was on Jennifer Tilford's mind as she stood in the parking lot at Cedar Creek Corrections Center, waiting for the man she's been married to for three years, but has never been alone with. Life for both of them is about to change radically. "There is no normal and there's not going to be the same normal ever again," Jennifer said. "Not only because Jason's coming home, but because of the whole

Episode 19: The Unpaid

Since the COVID-19 pandemic landed in Washington, the economic fallout has driven more than a million people in the state to apply for unemployment insurance. Those payments have become the safety net for workers during the worst recession in many decades. The federal government beefed it up significantly in the CARES Act — a recognition of how urgent the situation is for tens of millions of Americans. But now, after weeks and, in some cases, months out of work, large numbers of unemployed

Episode 18: How You Holding Up?

A lot of us this year have gotten used to relying on computer models for projections of how many new COVID-19 cases we can expect, or when the economy might start to rebound. But those models can't tell us how we're going to feel, or how lockdown and grief and social breakdown will change the way we see and experience the world. Well, turns out there's a model for that, too.

Episode 17: Not My First Pandemic

We are a country wracked by illness, by economic crisis, and by tears in our social fabric that have existed all along, but are too gaping to ignore, once again. How do we think about these twin emergencies — the pandemic, and the spasm of grief and anger over racism and police violence? What lessons could history possibly teach us about such an unprecedented situation? In this episode we bring you a story about race during a pandemic — it was a hundred years ago, but sheds a lot of light on

Episode 16: Family Planning

In many ways, "family planning" is a misnomer. The "planning" part only goes so far. Even with all the tools at your disposal, a lot of it is mostly out of your control and up to chance. A million little things have to go exactly right to bring life into the world. When you throw a global pandemic into the equation, the typical uncertainty that comes with starting a family is amplified to tremendous proportions. In this episode of Transmission, we explore how the response to COVID-19 has altered

Episode 15: The Hardest Hit

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, some clear patterns have emerged. One is that people of color are being affected by this virus at higher rates than white people. In Washington state, the disparities are especially stark among the Latino population. More than a third of the state's COVID-19 cases have been Latino, which is way out of proportion to their 13 percent share of the general population.

Episode 14: Come To My Window

COVID-era isolation affects all of us. And for people with special needs, it brings all sorts of particular challenges, many that can't be solved with a Zoom call. That's why most days, you can find a bald, heavily tattooed guy, salt-and-pepper beard down to his sternum and wearing a bright blue face mask, driving around Western Washington to check in on his clients — all adults with developmental disabilities. "I call it my 'Melissa outreach,'" says Gino Jevdjevich, a crisis counselor with the

Episode 13: Finding Joy

There is a lot to worry about right now: our jobs and our health. How will we be able to make next month's rent or mortgage payment? Then there is the bigger question — will life ever be the same again? But, even though we are living in unprecedented and scary times, there is still room for laughter. There is still a lot to smile about and be grateful for. What are your moments of joy? This is the question we are asking today on Transmission. From parents who are making the most of their time at

Episode 12: Telling Stories

Telling stories live is both the oldest form of entertainment, probably, and a newish thriving art form. In the Pacific Northwest there are a whole range of storytelling series and events . These usually happen in a smallish venue, maybe a coffee shop. And needless to say, that's been interrupted.

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