tbh tbh is made by, about, and for teenagers. And for anybody else who wants to hear what's on our minds.



tbh is made by, about, and for teenagers. And for anybody else who wants to hear what's on our minds.

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The Class Of 2025 And COVID-19

Today, we're bringing you a special episode of a new podcast from Oregon Public Broadcasting. It's The Class Of 2025 . Students who are expected to graduate high school in 2025 were halfway through middle school when COVID-19 shut down classrooms. At first, it seemed like an extended spring break. But weeks turned into months of students staring at computer screens and the same walls of their homes. We hear from Anais, Rayshawn, and their families about what it's like trying to learn during a

Why Basketball Players Shouldn't Just 'Shut Up And Dribble'

This year has marked a turning point in how American athletes have engaged in political issues. Over the summer, the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks refused to play to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. Soon, other teams followed in an unprecedented wildcat strike. In this episode of tbh , Maddie Johnson catches up with a Bay Area group that has been organizing basketball-themed Black lives matter protests around the country.

Schools Should Support Students — Not Criminalize Them

America's entrenched institutional racism has roots in its schools. In this episode of tbh , Masiyah Edwards reflects on how too often, students in the Bay Area experience severe consequences for their "bad" behavior rather than understanding, mentorship and help.

Reflecting On Segregation At One Of The Most Diverse Schools In America

Oakland Tech is one of the most diverse schools in the country, and Chosang Tenzin, a Tibetan American and high school senior, had looked forward to going there. But, she was disappointed. The high school's academic tracking programs, which schools often use to attract more affluent parents, contributed to in-school segregation. In this episode of tbh , Chosang talks to her friends and education experts to understand what the school can do to be better at integrating.

Wheelchair Basketball Is Just Basketball

2020 is the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, an important landmark for inclusion. In this episode of tbh , Avery Dauer tells the story of how Paralympic coach Trooper Johnson came to train young athletes like himself, and what that means to him.

The Tangled Web Of Cancel Culture And Activism

Is cancel culture a valid form of activism? In this episode of tbh, Ava Richards explores a question that's on the minds of millions, as new controversies about the influential and not-so-influential surface on a daily basis.

Are You A Gamer? It Depends On Who You Ask

The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, and has been growing during the pandemic. It arguably plays a bigger role in our lives than the movie, music and book publishing industries. But much of the public discussion about inclusion and diversity is still relegated to Hollywood. In this episode of tbh , Hannah Ni looks at the storylines and characters from some of the most popular video games and finds that they're riddled with stereotypes, and they still suffer from a lack

Learning About Sexual Assault And Healthy Relationships

Watching the hearings about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and reading about the assault allegations against the two U.S. presidential candidates, student Zara Ahmed wonders why it all seems so downplayed. Then a light bulb went off: It's what we're taught — or not taught — that explains our cultural conditioning. In this episode of tbh , Zara says that we need to talk to teens more about sex and healthy relationships, not less, if we want to see change.

Season 2 Preview — Shaping The World We Want To Live In

This season, we're thinking about the election and we're here to talk about the social justice issues that matter to us. Like rooting out sexual assault in high schools, ending the school to prison pipeline, and protesting on the streets for racial justice. Whether or not we're old enough to vote, we have a lot at stake this November. tbh Season 2 drops on KALW 91.7 FM on Thursday, September 17 at 5 p.m. Subscribe on your favorite podcast player.

High Schoolers Cope With The Coronavirus Shutdown

Bay Area schools are shut down until at least May. That leaves tens of thousands of students at home, finding ways to learn, to cope, and to find joy. This is a special episode dedicated to life during the coronavirus crisis.

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