Georgia Today Each week on Georgia Today, host Steve Fennessy walks us through a compelling story from the week's news, through the eyes of the journalists who cover it.
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Each week on Georgia Today, host Steve Fennessy walks us through a compelling story from the week's news, through the eyes of the journalists who cover it.

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Shedding New Light On 1985 Double Murder Case

Last week, after nearly 20 years behind bars, Dennis Perry was freed from prison. He had been convicted in the 1985 murders of a husband and wife in Camden County. Georgia Today host Steve Fennessy talks with Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Joshua Sharpe. His year-long investigation into the murder led to Perry's conviction being thrown out — and fresh scrutiny on a potential new suspect in the slayings.

The Race To Stop Spread Of COVID-19

This first wave of COVID-19 is not over. After several weeks of declining numbers, the graph of infections in Georgia is beginning to resemble a hockey stick. Georgia Today host Steve Fennessy talks with Andy Miller, the editor of Georgia Health News. Andy takes us to Albany, Ga., one of the pandemic's first hotspots in the state. He also outlines the debate to mandate masks in cities like Atlanta and Savannah, and he helps us understand where the pandemic might be headed.

How The CDC Was Sidelines During Pandemic

Georgia Today host Steve Fennessy talks with science journalist Maryn McKenna, who for years covered the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the CDC's once stellar reputation has taken a hit, thanks to political meddling from the White House and, in some cases, the agency's own missteps. On Georgia Today, Maryn walks us through the history of the agency, and how it's become so politicized.

Atlanta's Violent Holiday Weekend — And What It Means

The July 4 holiday weekend in Atlanta was shocking for its violence. A dozen shootings crossed the city. At least 31 people were injured and five were killed, including an 8-year-old girl named Secoriea Turner. Host Steve Fennessy talks with CNN reporter Nick Valencia about the string of violence that prompted Gov. Kemp to call in the National Guard. The two also consider what the future looks like for police reforms in the city.

Decatur Reconciles With Past As Confederate Monument Comes Down

The long fight to remove a Confederate monument in Decatur, Georgia, came to an end this month. The 30-foot-tall structure that stood in the city's square since 1908 was taken down. Meanwhile, there is a push to put up a marker near where the Confederate monument once stood. This marker would honor a long, overlooked piece of Civil Rights history. In this episode of Georgia Today, editor Dan Whisenhunt walks through the Confederate monument's history, and he explains how efforts to take it down reached a boiling point after the death of George Floyd.

Violent Protests Not The 'Atlanta Way'

In the wake of George Floyd's death and the nationwide protests that it sparked, changes to how America polices its citizens could be on the way. Two weeks ago, protesters gathered in Atlanta. What began as a peaceful demonstration escalated into violence. In this episode of Georgia Today, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Ernie Suggs recalls what it was like covering the demonstrations. He also describes how the violent protests weren't a reflection of the "Atlanta Way," a phrase to describe how the city's black and white business class have historically come together on racial issues.

Reporting On Ahmaud Arbery Before The Rest Of The World Caught On

The shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery outside Brunswick, Georgia, sparked nationwide outrage — but not right away. Arbery died Feb. 23, but it took more than two months for charges to be filed, and that was only after a disturbing video of the shooting was released. When Brunswick News reporter Larry Hobbs heard about Arbery's death a day after it happened, what struck him was how no one was talking about it. He recalls the strange, silent days and weeks following the shooting, the pinball movements as the case bounced from prosecutor to prosecutor and what the story revealed about the community he covers.

Imperfect Picture Of COVID-19 Testing

Since the early days of the pandemic, testing has been widely acknowledged as a fundamental step in controlling the spread of COVID-19. Despite President Trump's promise that anyone who needed a test would get one, there's been no federal testing program. Instead, individual states have been left to figure it out. We look at the testing battlefield in Georgia with reporters Brian Wooten of the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and Grant Blankenship of Georgia Public Broadcasting.

How 1 Week Of The Pandemic May Define Kemp's Legacy

Over the past few weeks, states have slowly begun lifting some restrictions imposed by the spread of COVID-19. Critics say Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's decision to re-open some businesses in late April was way too soon. Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein says to understand the governor's response to the pandemic, you need to understand the man.

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