2 Lives From KJZZ: Kambri Crews

At one point in her life, Kambri Crews wanted nothing to do with her father. He was violent. And he betrayed her. Betrayed the whole family. But, while researching her memoir, Kambri discovered another side to her dad. One that almost brought them back together.

2 Lives From KJZZ: Dustin Swanson

Dustin Swanson didn't get it. He was only 38 — healthy, in shape, didn't smoke or drink, even had low cholesterol. So why did his heart stop?

2 Lives From KJZZ: Mike And Anna

Mike and Anna have endured great challenges — not the least of which was coming head to head with a grizzly bear.

2 Lives From KJZZ: Casey Merriman

Casey Merriman comes back from the brink of death three times and the lessons she learns are critical.

2 Lives From KJZZ: Jake Bacon

Jake Bacon has made it his mission to save wild animals until one puts his life in danger.

2 Lives From KJZZ: Marquerita Donald

In Navajo culture you don't talk about death. It's considered taboo. To talk about death is to bring it upon you. But Marquerita Donald can't help but talk about it.

2 Lives From KJZZ: Tommy 'Rivs' Puzey

Hear the stories of people who faced darkness and how those incidents changed the trajectory of their lives. An endurance athlete is someone who can run 50 miles and keep going despite the fact that blood is oozing out of his shoes. They're really a breed unto themselves. But that's just the sort of relentlessness you need to survive the ordeal that Tommy Rivers Puzey is going through.