Episode 4 – Voter Turnout Higher

As the final few ballots are counted following this month's primary, it has become clear that this election was of major interest to voters in Washington. State primaries typically sees about 35% of registered voters cast their ballots. In 2020, that number has not topped 54%, the biggest number since the 1964 presidential primary. With more than 2.5M ballots counted, "How We Ended Up Here" analyzes the major spike in turnout, and what it means for the general election.

Episode 3 – What's A Top-Two Primary?

On or by August 4, Washington voters will cast their votes in the 2020 primary – one of three states to hold a "top-two" primary. What is that? In 2004, Initiative 872 approved a change to Washington's primary voting system, selecting the two candidates for each position who have the most votes to go against each other in the November general election, regardless of party preference. In short, two democrats or two republicans may run against each other in the general. Why did they make this change? More Northwest Public Broadcasting election coverage at nwpb.org/vote2020

Episode 2 – Who Should Pick A Party's Nominee?

Washington state's all-vote-by-mail presidential primary looks a lot like a regular election. But, really, it's not. And this one is different than 2016. It's earlier this time. Unlike 2016, there's no Democratic caucus. It requires voters to choose a party preference. And a lot of people don't like that. It raises the question: Who should get to pick a political party's nominee for president? More Northwest Public Broadcasting election coverage at nwpb.org/vote2020.

Episode 1 – Funding Public Ed

Funding public education across the country is not an easy task, nor is it easy to understand how it's done. On this episode we sit down with Dr. Bob Maxwell, Pullman School District Superintendent, to discuss how their school district deals with funding from Washington state. On the heels of their bond and levy propositions during the upcoming February 11th special election, Maxwell helps us understand how vital these funds are to being able to maintain a school district. Hosted and produced by Kanale Rhoden


This election season we're hoping to provide context to issues and candidates that matter to our community. This season on HOW WE ENDED UP HERE we'll go beyond the headlines of: education funding, dams, salmons, wolves and other issues that impact our every day lives.