The Surprising Results of Pandemic Unemployment Benefits

In March 2020, the CARES Act expanded who was eligible for unemployment benefits, how much they could collect and for how long. Economists are now finding patterns in job searches and spending during this enormous expansion that seem to counter common economic assumptions. Peter Ganong and Fiona Greig join to discuss the surprising effects they uncovered in the data.

When Good Debt Goes Bad

Nationally, student loan debt is at crisis level. The share of students behind on loan payments equals the share of homeowners in default at the peak of the housing crisis. What's the best way to help students struggling under a huge debt burden? Is there a better way to finance college? Chicago Booth's Constantine Yannelis and Seth Frotman of the Student Borrower Protection Center discuss the impacts of different loan forgiveness proposals under consideration, including who benefits.

Shots on Goal: How to Jumpstart the Economy

Which economic policies must be prioritized now to get the best returns in the future? This week, The Pie is breaking out the crystal ball. Austan Goolsbee and Randall Kroszner share what economists are learning from the pandemic and what we can expect in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

The Big Tech Threat?

The expanding market influence of tech companies has sparked new fear of an old economic problem – monopoly power. In this episode, Eric Posner and Chad Syverson discuss whether these corporate giants pose potential risks to the world economy. How urgent is the problem? Is there a policy solution?

The Pandemic Recession's Gender Gap

Women suffered significantly in the early months of the current recession, raising important questions about the gender effects of this pandemic-fueled downturn. Yana Gallen and Heather Sarsons share research on labor force gender disparities and discuss the potential long-term implications of the recession on women's employment choices and opportunities.

A Vaccine for Billions

The economic benefits of ending the COVID-19 pandemic even one day earlier are enormous. Michael Kremer and Canice Prendergast describe the urgency of vaccine delivery, the promise of production incentives, and why it pays to fail when developing a vaccine.

Pre-existing Confusion: The US Health Insurance System

The American health insurance system is complex, politically divisive, in need of reform, and facing a historic pandemic crisis. Economists Katherine Baicker and Matt Notowidigdo expose healthcare's most urgent flaws and discuss potential remedies. Then, Dr. Stacy Lindau joins to discuss the crucial consequences for public health.

The Pie

Economists are always talking about The Pie - how it grows and shrinks, how it's sliced, and who gets the biggest shares. Join hosts Eduardo Porter and Tess Vigeland as they talk with leading economists from the University of Chicago and other experts about the most pressing matters of today. Hear how the economic pie is at the heart of issues like COVID-19 vaccine development, gender dynamics in the workplace, energy policy, jobs, and more.