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2004 Election Calendar

Jan. 4: Des Moines Register Democratic presidential candidates debate

Jan. 6: NPR News and The WOI Radio Group Democratic presidential candidates debate, Des Moines, Iowa

Jan. 10-11: Independent presidential candidates convention, Bedford, NH

Jan. 13: District of Columbia presidential primary (not recognized by DNC)

Jan. 19: Iowa caucuses

Jan. 20: President Bush delivers the State of the Union address

Jan. 22: Democratic presidential candidates debate, WMUR-TV, Manchester, N.H.

Jan. 27: New Hampshire primary

Feb. 3: Primaries in Arizona, Delaware, Missouri, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. Democratic caucuses in New Mexico, North Dakota

Feb. 7: Democratic caucuses in Michigan and Washington

Feb. 8: Maine Democratic caucuses

Feb. 10: Primaries in Tennessee and Virginia

Feb. 14: Democratic caucuses in D.C. and Nevada

Feb. 17: Wisconsin primary

Feb. 24: Utah primary. Democratic caucuses in Hawaii and Idaho

Feb. 26: Democratic debate in Los Angeles, sponsored by CNN and The Los Angeles Times

March 2 (Super Tuesday): Primaries in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont; Democratic caucuses in Minnesota

March 9: Primaries in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas

March 13: Kansas Democratic caucuses

March 16: Illinois primary

March 20: Democratic caucuses in Alaska and Wyoming

April 13: Colorado Democratic caucuses

April 27: Pennsylvania primary

May 4: Primaries in Indiana and North Carolina

May 11: Primaries in Nebraska and West Virginia

May 18: Primaries in Arkansas, Kentucky and Oregon

June 1: Primaries in Alabama and South Dakota

June 8: Primaries in Montana and New Jersey

July 26-29: Democratic National Convention, Boston

Aug. 30-Sept. 2: Republican National Convention, New York

Sept. 30: Proposed presidential debate, University of Miami

Oct. 5: Proposed vice presidential debate, Case Western University, Cleveland

Oct. 8: Proposed presidential debate, Washington University, St. Louis

Oct. 13: Proposed presidential debate, Arizona State University, Tempe

Nov. 2: Election Day



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