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  • Bob Edwards joins ATC as a newscaster in February. He becomes Stamberg's co-host in August.
  • On Aug. 8, Nixon told the nation he would resign. On ATC, call-ins reflect Americans' reactions from all points on the political spectrum. For the first time, the scope of the ATC audience is clear.
  • Host Mike Waters: "We're going now again to some of the people in America to find out how they feel, whether indeed they feel that the nation has been healed by the experiences of this evening. We're taking calls... How do you feel about the president's address this evening?"

    Arlington, Va., caller Tom Lowry: "I found it appalling... This man has evaded justice for the past two years, and it appeared tonight that this was the last and most evasive step in that course of action. He did not admit wrongdoing. He said he was resigning because of practical, political considerations... He said he was serving the national interest, and I think it's clear he was serving his own interest."

    Hear the broadcast.