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  • President Carter successfully concludes the Camp David Accords, in which Egypt will recognize Israel and Israel will return land to Egypt.
  • NPR broadcasts live from the chamber of the Senate during the Panama Canal Treaty debates -- the first time the Senate allows such a broadcast. Additional reporters and editors join the NPR staff in anticipation of the launch of a new show: Morning Edition. For the first time, ATC has more stories filed every day than it can put on the air.
  • On the Sept. 3 show, David Ensor gave listeners a glimpse of Camp David, by talking to those who've spent time at the ultra-private presidential retreat:

    Former Nixon counsel John Dean: "I guess you'd have to say it's sort of rustic chic. The buildings all appear to be log cabins, but when you get inside you find they're very nicely furnished..."

    Ensor: "While they are on the mountaintop, the Americans, Israelis, and Egyptians will have the use of a swimming pool, bowling alleys, stables, a skeet shooting range, archery targets, saunas, a par-three golf course, a trampoline, shuffleboard, pool, Ping-Pong, and an underground bomb shelter. There is also a cabin for showing movies. Both the Israelis and Egyptians have said they want to watch Westerns, one Israeli wag reportedly asking for How the West Bank Was Won... ."

    Hear the broadcast.