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  • Cokie Roberts and Linda Wertheimer create a political reporting partnership that lasts throughout the decade.
  • John Lennon is murdered. ATC does a series of reports, threaded with Beatles music, on the murder, the vigil outside the apartment building, and reactions around the country.
  • On the Dec. 15 show, commentator Vertamae Grosvenor spoke of the observance, requested by Lennon's widow Yoko Ono, of 10 minutes of silence in his memory:

    "Because my Sixties was sit-ins, not love-ins; because it was not Monkees and Beatles, but Panthers and Young Lords; because my song was We Shall Overcome, not I Want to Hold Your Hand, I felt it would be a bit hypocritical for me to go to Central Park and light a candle for John Lennon. But because I believe that John Lennon was a righteous brother, I wanted to do something. So I met with several of my friends for brunch about 1:30. Nobody announced 2 o'clock -- but when it came, we knew."

    Hear the broadcast.