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  • Federal agents raid the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. During the siege, a fire breaks out and most of the cult members are killed, including leader David Koresh and several children.
  • ATC is the first public radio program to be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.
  • On the July 14 show, ATC runs one of a series of reports by Robert Siegel from the Midwest, where residents struggle to hold their ground against devastating floods.

    Siegel: "The floods remind you of the perils of life between two great rivers. St. Charles County, Missouri, lies between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, and much of it is underwater today. At the Deerfield Trailer Park, some residents have pulled out, had their trailers towed away, leaving behind strips of skirting and stairway that have to be cleared before their deposit is returned. Deborah Frazier and her husband don't plan to do that. They live with their two sons, 3-year-old Cody and 9-month-old Bret, and Chelsea, the family's pet chow, in a trailer that's parked on one of the highest points of the park.

    Frazier: "Right now we're just holding out 'til the water pushes us out, and then we'll -- we'll be gone."

    Hear the broadcast.