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  • Senator and veteran astronaut John Glenn becomes the oldest person to visit space. The senator is 77 when he boards the space shuttle Discovery.
  • The day the Monica Lewinsky story breaks, Robert Siegel and Mara Liasson conduct a previously scheduled live interview with President Clinton in the Oval Office.
  • On the Jan. 21 live broadcast, ATC's Siegel opened with a cordial "Mr. President, welcome to the program," followed directly by this question: "Many Americans woke to the news today that the Whitewater independent counsel is investigating an allegation that you, or you and Vernon Jordan, encouraged a young woman to lie to lawyers in the Paula Jones civil suit. Is there any truth to that allegation?"

    Clinton: "No, sir. There's not. It's just not true."

    Siegel: "Is there any truth to the allegation of an affair between you and the young woman?"

    Clinton: "No. That's not true either... ."

    Hear the broadcast.