The Sunshine Hotel:
The Last of the Bowery Flops

A doctor waiting to operate Longtime resident Carl Albeeno playing solitaire in his room
Photo by Harvey Wang
September 18, 1998 ---What is it like to live your life on the streets? With unprecedented 24-hour access to the Sunshine Hotel, Isay and associate producer Stacy Abramson offer an upclose account of a world which has rarely before been documented.

Starting at $4.50 a night, Bowery flophouses are the cheapest form of housing available. There are rows of wooden cubicles, rooms smaller than prison cells, a bed, a locker, a bare bulb, and chicken wire ceiling.

Sunshine Hotel The Sunshine Hotel
Photo by Harvey Wang

"The Sunshine is this fascinating, self-contained society full of unbelievable characters," said Isay. "While it's a profoundly sad place, it is, at the same time, home to men with powerful and poetic stories to tell."

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