Commentators Look Back Pt. 2
Prince George's County, Md.

In this installment of The Changing Face of America, commentator Leon Wynter revisits Prince George's County in Maryland, where he began his career. This is the second piece in three days of stories about writers returning to locales they once knew.

Wynter receiving award
Wynter receives a plaque of appreciation for his journalistic contributions to the P.G. County Board of Education, March 29, 1984. Photos courtesy Leon Wynter.

Letter of Appreciation
A farewell letter to Wynter from then-County Executive Parris Glendenning. May 3, 1984.

Writer Leon Wynter, author of the forthcoming book, Dreaming in Color: The Business of Browning America, takes us on a tour of present-day Prince George's County. On the eastern flank of the nation's capital, it is the nation's only black-majority suburban county. It's more wealthy than it was 20 years ago, when Wynter was there as a cub reporter and the county was mostly white.

Upper middle-class blacks migrated there from the District of Columbia and contributed to the eventual rise in income in Prince George's County, but the county battles an image as has an underdog. Some county leaders believe race plays a part in that. No major upscale malls are located there, although income levels would support them, creating a new dilemma and cause for African Americans.

audio button Join Leon Wynter as he revisits Prince George's County.

Get a closer look at Wynter's farewell letter from Parris Glendenning.

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