Poem 389
The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson
by Emily Dickinson
Little Brown and Company

There's been a Death, in the Opposite House,
As lately as Today -
I know it, by the numb look
Such Houses have - alway -

The Neighbors rustle in and out -
The Doctor - drives away -
A Window opens like a Pod -
Abrupt - mechanically -

Somebody flings a Mattress out -
The Children hurry by -
They wonder if it died - on that -
I used to - when a Boy

The Minister - goes stiffly in -
As if the House were His -
And He owned all the Mourners - now
And little Boys - besides -

And then the Milliner - and the Man
Of the Appalling Trade -
To take the measure of the House -
There'll be that Dark Parade -

Of Tassels - and of Coaches - soon -
It's easy as a Sign -
The Intuition of the News -
In just a Country Town -

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