About 'Fresh Air' Fresh Air is nationally recognized as setting the standard for long-form audio interviews.

About 'Fresh Air'

Terry Gross

Fresh Air with Terry Gross and Tonya Mosley is a nationally recognized radio program and podcast, featuring in depth conversations exploring a wide variety of popular culture, news and issues. The show sets the standard for long form audio interviews. Presenting Fresh Air with its second Peabody Award, Stephen Colbert said "This NPR staple is where many of us come for some of the most insightful interviews anywhere, a place where artists, musicians, actors, directors, playwrights, authors, poets, showrunners [and] talk show hosts, open up about their work, their process and their life."

Fresh Air is one of public media's most popular programs, with millions of people tuning in each week on over 650 NPR stations. For over 35 years, co-executive producer and host Terry Gross has engaged in conversations with newsmakers to open windows into their hearts, minds and work. In 2015, President Obama presented Gross with a National Humanities Medal, which recognized how her interviews have "pushed public figures to reveal personal motivations behind extraordinary lives — revealing simple truths that affirm our common humanity." A regular contributor since 2021, award-winning public media journalist Tonya Mosley was named co-host of Fresh Air in April 2023.

Prior to joining Fresh Air, Mosley was a correspondent and host of Here & Now, NPR's midday radio show. She is also the creator and host of the award-winning podcast Truth Be Told. Mosley has also served as the Silicon Valley bureau chief for KQED in San Francisco and a television anchor, producer, reporter and correspondent in several markets, including Boston, Detroit, Louisville, Kentucky and Seattle.

Fresh Air is produced at WHYY Inc. the leading public media organization in the greater Philadelphia region and distributed nationally by NPR. In addition to Terry and Tonya, Fresh Air's roster of commentators add reviews of books, music, film, TV and podcasts. Fresh Air has received two Peabody Awards. The 1994 Peabody citation recognized the program for its "probing questions, revelatory interviews and unusual insights," and in 2022 Fresh Air won its second Peabody in the Institutional category.

Fresh Air Staff

  • Terry Gross, Host and Co-Executive Producer
  • Tonya Mosley, Co-Host
  • Dave Davies, Interview Contributor and Fill-In Host
  • Danny Miller, Co-Executive Producer
  • Amy Salit, Producer
  • Phyllis Myers, Producer
  • Roberta Shorrock, Director
  • Ann Marie Baldonado, Director of Talent Development and Interview Contributor
  • Sam Briger, Producer and Interview Contributor
  • Lauren Krenzel, Producer
  • Heidi Saman, Producer
  • Therese Madden, Producer
  • Molly Seavy-Nesper, Producer of Digital Media
  • Seth Kelley, Producer
  • Thea Chaloner, Producer
  • Susan Nyakundi, Associate Producer
  • Audrey Bentham, Technical Director

Critics and Commentators