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Birth of a Groove

Talk, talk, talk ...
René Marie has a new tune called "You Can't See Me." But it's not so easy to take it to the band for the first time ...

Can You Sing That?
Two minutes into the rehearsal, René and bassplayer Elias Bailey get to work on the groove. She sings and raps out the sound she wants, and Elias matches her on his bass.

Hiphop in Your Head

Hiphop Implied
Rene tries to express the effect she's after for the opening groove ... and the band tries to play it that way.

What the Drummer Hears
Howard Curtis interprets what René means by "implied" hiphop.

What the Bassplayer Hears
Elias hears it with a tough backbeat from the drums. Not René. She wants him to rely on his imagination.

A Little Straighter
René's suggestion of hand drums changes how Elias thumps out the groove on his bass.

Running it
After 53 minutes of intense work, they run through the tune for the last time before the Blues Alley gig.

Taking it Live

Play Like an Aggressive Driver
Just before they go on, René has some last words for her rhythm section ... "punch it."

On Stage
René and the band perform "You Can't See Me" live for the first time, at Blues Alley.

Hittin' Hard
Right after they finish the set, René reacts to the way the band responded.

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