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European Youth Orchestra with U.S. Trombonist Robynn Amy

Robynn Amy.

On May 13th, 2006, the European Youth Jazz Orchestra played its last concert together in Glasgow. Every player represented a different member/country of the EBU; no player is over 30. NPR's JazzSet sponsored lead trombone Robynn Amy (pronounced a-MEE) from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her trombone cohorts were from the Netherlands, Iceland, and Slovenia.

For three weeks, they had toured northern Europe and Great Britain. Trailer in tow, the double decker bus rode the ferry from Denmark to Sweden, and the tunnel on the way from The Netherlands to Wales. The tunnel day was the only day without a performance.

Conductor and composer Barry Forgie has directed the BBC Big Band since 1977. He hung with the EYJO all the way. Robynn says, "We had such a lovely time with him. He's amazing, from England, crazy, has great jokes, writes in the old school big band style -- contemporary arrangements with an old school feel. The band really gets a chance to swing and have a good time with the music."

Back in Boston, Robynn's "dreams and hopes would be that one day we could get a reunion tour for this band together. Reality says that may not be possible. "What I'd like to do is get the rhythm section together and another horn player or two and myself and travel around, try to hit some of the clubs we went to, do a mini tour." Thank you, Robynn, for representing NPR and JazzSet in your fabulous, musical way!

(All music By Barry Forgie)
"Thaddeus Rex"
"Wry Smiles" featuring Ian McKeinee, bagpipes
"Alto Fresco"
"Sing a Samba for Krupa"

Trumpets: Axel Schlosser (German), Stian Omenas (Norwegian), Michael Bylica (Polish), Koljaz Radenkovic (Serbian)
Trombones: Robynn Amy (American), Pepijn Zoon (Netherlander), Helgi Hrafn Jonsson (Icelandic), Rok Stirn (Slovenian)
Saxophones: Niels Lynne Lokkegaard (Danish), Viola Falb (Austrian), Max Pizio (Swiss), Jakub Dolezal (Czech), Marielle Chatain (French)
Piano: Laila Liali (Canadian)
Guitar: Elvis Penava (Croatian)
Bass: Martin Sjostedt (Swedish)
Drums: Jaska Lukkarinen (Finnish)


  • Swinging Europe

  • European Broadcasting Union


    Swinging Europe 2006 was a huge success, thanks to Ib Jensen, Tour Manager; Cy Nicklin, Sound Engineer; Erik Moseholm, Artistic Director; Birgit Vinge, Managing and Financial Director. Keith Loxam leads team from BBC Scotland. Pierre Yves Tribolet in Geneva and Daniel Vachon in Montreal lead the European Broadcasting Union Jazz Producers.

    Rob Hayes is our partner at Berklee College in Boston.
    Technical Director Duke Markos.
    Recording engineer Ginger Bruner at KUNV Las Vegas.
    Producer Becca Pulliam.
    Executive Producer Thurston Briscoe III at WBGO in Newark, NJ, and

    Copyright 2007 NPR