Terence Blanchard at Monterey

Terence Blanchard. Credit: Jimmy Katz

As JazzSet visits the West Coast, there's a bit of a chill in the air here on California's Monterey peninsula, not far from the Pacific Ocean. It's opening night at the 2004 Monterey Jazz Festival -- but things will heat up soon.

The Monterey regulars know to come prepared with sweaters and jackets, even though our featured artist (who notes from the stage that he didn't bring enough warm clothes!) is about to warm things up considerably.

New Orleans trumpeter Terence Blanchard has brought his regular quintet and some new music, written on commission for this festival. It's a suite in three parts entitled "A Mood for Dizzy."

Joining the quintet on this debut performance are Slide Hampton on trombone; saxophonist James Moody - so much a part of Dizzy's big band in the forties and later, the small groups; and Jon Faddis on trumpet, whose playing is always illuminated by Dizzy Gillespie.

There's nothing wrong with two trumpets on a Dizzy Gillespie program! Blanchard reminds us that Diz kept music fun.

"Transformed" by Eric Harlan
"A Mood for Dizzy" by Terence Blanchard
movement 1 - "Vicissitudes" is Afro-Cuban in flavor
movement 2 - "Samba la Diz" is reminiscent of Gillespie's "Con Alma"
movement 3 - "Three Sweet Notes" builds on an exuberant motif by DG

The Terence Blanchard Quintet:
Terence Blanchard, trumpet
Brice Winston, saxophone
Aaron Parks, piano
Derrick Hodge, bass
Kendrick Scott, drums

Jon Faddis, trumpet
Slide Hampton, trombone
James Moody, saxophone


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  • For more about Dizzy Gillespie, try the new biography, Dizzy: The Life & Times of John Birks Gillespie, by Donald L. Maggin.

    The General Manager of the Monterey Jazz Festival is Tim Jackson. Our recording engineer is Ron Davis with assistance from Colin Davis.

    Our writer is Brian Sanders, with Technical Director Duke Markos, Producer Becca Pulliam and Executive Producer Thurston Briscoe III of Jazz 88, WBGO in Newark, New Jersey.