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Violinist Regina Carter
In Monterey and Newark

Regina Carter  

Regina Carter will soon release a new CD: Paganini: After a Dream, on which she plays a 1743 Guarneri violin which once belonged to Nicolò Paganini. The first time JazzSet caught Regina Carter, at the Telluride Jazz Festival nearly a decade ago, pianist Kenny Barron was in the crowd. Kenny's a generation ahead of Regina Carter, but he was impressed enough to introduce himself and say he'd like to play music together.

Regina Carter
Photo: Bill Phelps

This time on JazzSet, Kenny and Regina do just that, in a recording from the 2001 Monterey Jazz Festival.

Violin History (RealAudio)
In late 2001, Regina became the first non-classical musician to play a legendary 250-year-old Guarneri violin in Genoa, Italy.

As a young violinist, Regina was influenced by two French musicians. First there was the swinging Stephane Grappelli, then the modernist Jean-Luc Ponty. But Regina grew up in Detroit, city of bebop and sophisticated soul, and Motown makes a lasting imprint, too. For a live audience at WBGO, Jazz 88 in Newark, New Jersey, the Regina Carter Quintet plays the "Love Theme from Spartacus." Detroit jazz man Yusef Lateef brought this composition to the jazz repertoire.

Quintet percussionist Mayra Casales contributes lots of rhythm with her unique set-up, which includes a "tree of keys." Watch your pockets -- Mayra collects keys wherever she goes, then hangs them by the dozens on a metal frame, and playing them like a set of chimes.

Regina Carter - violin
Werner Gierig - piano
Chris Lightcap - bass
Alvester Garnett - drums
Mayra Casales - percussion

"Squatty Roo" (Hodges)
"Don't Explain" (Springer/Wayne)
"Love Theme from Spartacus" (North)
"Mandingo Street" (Bona)
"Chattanooga Choo Choo" (Gordon/Warren)


  • Regina Carter's page on Verve
  • Official Monterey Jazz Festival Web Site

    Monterey: Field Producer, Bud Spangler (Syntropy Audio); Recording Engineer, Ron Davis with Scott Adler and Mary Alafetich; General Manager of the Monterey Jazz Festival, Tim Jackson.

    Newark/WBGO: Field Producer, Josh Jackson ; Technical direction, Brian McCabe with Spencer Graves; Recording Engineer, Duke Markos; Executive Producer, Thurston Briscoe III.

    Co-writers: Katie Simon and Becca Pulliam.

    Copyright 2007 NPR