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Roy Haynes' 80th Birthday

Welcome to the Roy Haynes 80th birthday program on JazzSet! Pat Metheny calls him "the father of modern drumming," and Chick Corea says Haynes is a "national treasure."

On the liner notes (by Nat Hentoff) to Birds of a Feather (Dreyfus FDM 36625-2), Roy Haynes described his playing style:
"I structure pieces like riding a horse. You pull a rein here, you tighten it up there, you loosen it there. I'm still sitting in the driver's seat, so to speak. I let it loose, I let go, I see where it's going and what it feels like. Sometimes I take it out, sometimes I'll be polite, nice and let it move and breathe -- always in the pocket with feeling. So the music is tight but loose."

Roy Haynes

You might know Roy Haynes as a snappy dresser and collector of exotic cars. But even though he is all of these, and a grandfather many times over, Roy Haynes plays with the energy of a drummer a third of his age. And he does it with the experience and taste of a man who's been in the profession for well over 60 years -- a veteran of the bands of Lester Young, Charlie Parker and Sarah Vaughan, not to mention leading his own Hip Ensemble, with George Adams on tenor sax, and now his Birds of a Feather Band.

From Prudential Hall at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Roy Haynes and Birds of a Feather take flight on JazzSet. As this concert was recorded within days of the death of Haynes's peer, drummer Elvin Jones, there is a spirit in the house. Haynes dedicates his mallet solo, "Shades of Senegal," to Elvin.

Trumpet master Clark Terry is also in the audience, acknowledged from the stage. Among the many honors he has accrued over the years, Roy Haynes was named a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master in 1995. His latest CD, Fountain of Youth, was nominated for a Grammy.

"Inner Trust" by David Kikoski
Unknown - feat. Roy Hargrove (a prize to the first person who emails us the name of this ballad!)
"Shades of Senegal" (Haynes)/"My Little Suede Shoes" by Charlie Parker
"Summer Night"
"Diverse" by Charlie Parker

Roy Hargrove, trumpet
Kenny Garrett, alto sax
David Kikoski, piano
Christian McBride, bass
Roy Haynes, drums


  • Roy Haynes's 'Fountain of Youth'

  • New Jersey Performing Arts Center

    Dr. Billy Taylor, the Founder and Artistic Director of the Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Festival, with Darrell Ayres and Kevin Struthers at the Kennedy Center.
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