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Conrad Herwig's Another Kind of Blue: the Latin Side of Miles Davis

Conrad Herwig

Conrad Herwig is sometimes accused by friends of being a frustrated saxophonist in a trombonist's body. As a young musician, he spent hours alone trying to transfer John Coltrane's saxophone lines to his trombone, despite discouragement from his teachers who said that simply was not possible. But like the other innovators, Conrad Herwig is proving those teachers wrong.

In 1998, Herwig earned a Grammy nomination for his recording The Latin Side of John Coltrane. Now, he's released a follow-up project called Another Kind of Blue: The Latin Side of Miles Davis. On the disc, Herwig and trumpeter Brian Lynch present the music from Miles's wildly popular album Kind of Blue with their own Latin stamp.

Miles Davis released Kind of Blue in 1959. This is such an important album that some people feel jazz can be divided into two parts: before KOB and after. Herwig says that the album created jazz impressionism -- music painted in sound. One of highlights of Herwig's career was to record with Miles in 1992.

Host Dee Dee Bridgewater takes us to J&R Music in New York City, near the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, for a hand-picked band of some of the freshest Latin Jazz players around and The Latin Side of Miles.

After the Latin Blue, we hear from Miles Davis alumnus, guitarist Mike Stern, also live at J&R Music.

Stern got his break at age 22 with the rock band Blood, Sweat, & Tears. Later, Miles recruited him for his celebrated comeback band of 1981. During his three years with Miles, Mike appeared on Man With the Horn, Star People and the live album We Want Miles. Mike rocks! MUSIC/HERWIG
"So What" (Miles Davis, Jazz Horn Music Inc., BMI)
"Blue in Green" (Miles Davis, Jazz Horn Music Inc., BMI)
"Seven Steps to Heaven" (not on the album Kind of Blue) (Davis & Victor Feldman, Jazz Horn & New Fangled Music, BMI)
"All Blues" (Miles Davis, Jazz Horn Music Inc., BMI)
"Freddie Freeloader" (Miles Davis, Jazz Horn Music Inc., BMI)

"Straight No Chaser" (Monk, Thelonious Music Corp., BMI)


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  • J&R Music

    Stern's mates are Harvie S on drums, Lionel Cordew on drums.

    Our recording was produced by Josh Jackson with assistance from Yujin Cha and Spencer Graves. Music mix and post production by Duke Markos.

    This show was written by Molly Murphy. Our Producer is Becca Pulliam; Co-Producer and Audio Engineer, Ginger Bruner of KNPR in Las Vegas; and Executive Producer, Thurston Briscoe the Third, of WBGO-Jazz88 in Newark.

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