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Shirley Horn at Sanders Theatre

Shirley Horn  

The Cambridge Community Foundation in Massachusetts is a city-wide philanthropy, a century old. It has adopted an "Agenda for Children," promoting literacy and quality out-of-school activities. To benefit its agenda, the Foundation presented a great lady of jazz who's become a strong survivor in concert at Sanders Theatre on the Harvard campus.

Shirley Horn

Shirley Horn's concert at Sanders represents a triumph over several recent losses. Her bassist and dear friend Charles Ables died in 2001. Also, she lost a foot to diabetes. So Shirley doesn't accompany herself at the piano as she used to. Now she sings from a wheelchair. And her voice is more wise and wonderful to hear than ever.

Peter Kontrimas is the new bassist, and George Mesterhazy's on piano. Drummer Steve Williams stays on. WGBH's Mr. Friday Night, Steve Schwartz, brings Miss Horn to the stage. The ovation will make you tingle.

When Shirley sings "Fever," host Dee Dee notes that the two of them will appear in a tribute to Peggy Lee this June at the JVC Jazz Festival in New York. Also, Shirley has been in the studio making a CD - May the Music Never End - for the Verve label. It comes out June 24th.

Writing in the Boston Herald, Bob Young admired Shirley's courage, professionalism, and especially her ballads. After "Here's to Life," the audience gives an extended standing ovation. If they could get to the stage to deliver their love one to one, they would. Thank you, Shirley Horn and Boston.

"If I Were a Bell" (Loesser)
"Beautiful Friendship" (Styne/Kahn)
"Fever" (Davenport/Cooley)
"How Am I To Know?" (King/Parker)
"Foolin' Myself" (Razaf/Waller)
"Lost in His Arms (Look What I Found)" (Berlin)
"Yesterday" (Lennon/McCartney)
"In the Dark" (Green)
"Nice and Easy Does It" (Bergman/Bergman/Lewis)
"Here's to Life" (Butler/Molinary)


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  • Harvard University's Sanders Theatre

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