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New Orleans Musicians Play Holland & Dutch Big Band Plays Cuban Music at the 2006 North Sea Festival

Yma America
Photo of Yma America
courtesy Lucas von Merwyck

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At the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, in clearly spoken English, the Dutch emcee cries "Yes, yes! Let me hear you make some noise!"

The crowd CHEEEERS for the Neville Brothers from New Orleans. Thousands of miles apart, Rotterdam and New Orleans both lie below sea level. The broken levees in New Orleans led to a disaster that Dutch people have imagined. They're here to offer support, and the Neville Brothers respond with "Iko Iko" and "Besame Mucho" con clave, "Amazing Grace" and "One Love" by Bob Marley. "Yes, yes!" The emcee is back. "Love and respect for the Neville Brothers, thank you very much, but you know time is a precious thing..." and we're off to the next stage.

Dutch percussionist and visionary Lucas van Merwijk, who founded the awesome 19-piece Cubop City Big Band, welcomes three powerful guest singers from Brazil, Venezuela and Curacao for the Latin Vocal Explosion.

Born in 1966 in Rio and now living in Amsterdam, Lilian Vieira brings "a gorgeous voice" and "immersion in Brazilian song and rhythm" (BBC Radio 3). Yma America from Venezuela, now living in Germany, is "a new Celia Cruz" ( And Izaline Calister from Curacao sings in her native language, Papiamentu, and mixes Afro-Antilles music with jazz. Izaline often performs barefoot; you can hear her charisma.

Thanks to Radio Netherlands.


"Pulo Pulo" (comp. Jorge Ben of Brazil, arr. Mark Bischoff of Cubop City)
"Mulata Rumbera!" (comp. Alejandro Rodriguez of Cuba, arr. Edy Martinez of Colombia) - vocals by Yma America and Miguel Montenegro from Panama
"M'a Yeg'Atrobe" ("Here I Am Again")(comp. Rudy Plaate, arr. Randal Corsen of Curacao)
"Menino dal Laranjas" (Theo de Barros)
"Alma Llanera" (comp. Pedro Elias Gutierrez, arr. O. Reyes)
"Wow'I Karino" (comp. Corsen/Calister, arr. Corsen)
ENCORE: "La Cartera" (Arsenio Rodriguez)


Aaron Neville, lead vocals
Art, Cyrille and Ivan Neville, background vocals, keyboards, percussion
Charles Neville, saxophone
Ian Neville, guitar
and Makuni Fukuda, Nick Daniels and Willie Green, rhythm section.

The Cubop City Big Band leader is Lucas van Merwijk, who also led Nueva Manteca on JazzSet in the late 1990s
Vocals: Lilian Vieira, Yma America, Izaline Calister, Miguel Montenegro
Saxophones: GJ Birkhorst, Milan Bongers, Rolf Delfos, Cyrille Oswald, Wouter Schueler
Trumpets: Charlie Biggs, Wim Both, Ruud Breuls, Joe Rivera
Trombones: Jan Oosting, Ilja Reijngould, David Rothschild, Martin van den Berg
Piano: Mark Bischoff
Bass: Mick Paauwe
Drums, Timbales: Lucas van Merwijk
Bongos: Gerardo Rosales
Congas: Nils Fischer


Jazz Tours- A tour to North Sea 2007
North Sea Jazz Festival- July 13-15, 2007
Neville Brothers
Cubop City Big Band Leader Lucas van Merwijk
Izaline Calister

Thanks for the music to Radio Netherlands, producer Manon Miessen and liaison Noah Waxman, and to recording engineers Ronald Trijber and Peter Vincent.

JazzSet is Producer Becca Pulliam, Technical Director Duke Markos, recording engineer Ginger Bruner of KUNV Las Vegas, and Executive Producer Thurston Briscoe III of WBGO Jazz 88 in Newark, NJ, and

Copyright 2007 NPR