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Preservation Hall Jazz Band Opens the JVC Jazz Festival in New York

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

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Preservation Hall on St. Peter Street in the French Quarter is an old musical sanctuary with the contemporary mission "to nurture and perpetuate the art form of New Orleans Jazz." The original members of the 1963 Preservation Hall Jazz Band traced their roots directly to individual musicians who invented that art. With rolling personnel changes over four decades, the PHJB continues to draw visitors to New Orleans.

After Katrina, Preservation Hall stayed closed until April 2006. The Band was more active than ever on the road. In June, the PHJB opened the 2006 JVC Jazz Festival in New York City at the Mayor's mansion. Under a big tent, they danced through the crowd. Carl LeBlanc is featured on banjo -- the first of two banjo celebrities in this edition of JazzSet. Walter Payton is the bassist in Preservation Hall; his son Nicholas is the trumpeter at the Big River Concert, our second stop.

At the Chicago Symphony Center, September 2006, a group of New Orleans' more modern players have come together for the second annual Big River Concert. The scene was emotional. Hugs in the dressing rooms spilled onto the stage to wrap the audience in a mutual embrace, with a beat. Pianist Peter Martin was the concert organizer.

Don Vappie opens -- a banjo picker, singer and purveyor of Creole Culture up from his Louisiana home. Pianist and patriarch Ellis Marsalis takes the spotlight for a waltz. Nicholas Payton and tenor/clarinet man Victor Goines lead two more songs. Reginald Veal and Herlin Riley are on bass and drums. The sound of New Orleans music in the great Orchestra Hall was beautifully recorded by Chris Willis for JazzSet.


"Buddy Bolden's Blues" (Morton)
"Jitterbug Waltz" (Waller)
"Petite Fleur" (Bechet)
"Home" (Goines)


Preservation Hall
Chicago Symphony Center 2007-08 Jazz Series
"Rebuilding the Foundation" - Rebuilding and sustaining musical life in New Orleans today

Thanks to Jim Fahey, Director of Programming, and the staff and crew at the Chicago Symphony Center.

Our team is technical director Duke Markos, assistant Yujin Cha, recording engr Ginger Bruner, producer Becca Puliam, & exec producer Thurston Briscoe III at WBGO Jazz 88 in Newark NJ and wbgo dot org.

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