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Three Guitars at Kennedy Center Jazz Club

For string lovers and the people who love them, don't miss this week's JazzSet with Three Guitars at the Kennedy Center Jazz Club: (From left to right in the picture below) Larry Coryell, Badi Assad and John Abercrombie.

Larry Coryell, Badi Assad and John Abercrombie.

John says, "Larry was one of the first guitar players to fuse jazz, country, rock and blues inflections." Larry says, "John has a great sound and his playing is cliche-free." Into this mutually-admiring pair comes a younger player from Brazil, a woman from Sao Paolo named Badi Assad. Badi says of John and Larry, "Their fingers are connected with the higher power. They feel, they play."

Badi herself comes from a prominent guitar family. Brothers Odair and Sergio perform around the world as the classical Duo Assad. Besides playing her instrument and composing for it, Badi sings and even more. As she asked her two bandmates when they got together, "Can I do my freaky stuff?"

It's her "Badi percussion." She sings through her nose while playing rhythm with her tongue. She drums on her guitar. She makes hand-rubbing, cheek-slapping and chest-thumping into music. The audience experiences jaw-dropping at her talents.

Abercrombie's dry sense of humor, Coryell's music for Dr. Billy Taylor (in the audience) and his mother, and Assad's traditional Brazilian songs give Three Guitars three personalities .. an unusual hour, full of pleasure.

"After the Rain" (Assad)
"New Lute Prelude" (Coryell)
"Suspended Circles" (Assad) Abercrombie and Assad, guitar and vocals
"Asa Branca" (traditional Brazilian song) solo by Assad
"How Much I Miss You" (traditional Brazilian song) solo by Assad
"An Exercise in Fourths" (Coryell) - Assad and Coryell
"Love Is Here to Stay" (Gershwin) - solo by Coryell
"Seu Jorge E Dona Ica" (Assad)
Encore: "How Insensitive" (Jobim) - all three, Assad on vocals

Larry Coryell
Badi Assad
John Abercrombie

Thanks to Kevin Struthers, the Program Manager, and his crew at the Kennedy Center.
Recording engineer is Duke Markos with field producer Yujin Cha.
Thanks to Fabienne Favero and engineer Martin de la Fosse at Radio France in Paris for recording Dee Dee Bridgewater.
JazzSet's Producer is Becca Pulliam, Executive Producer Thurston Briscoe III at Jazz 88, WBGO in Newark.

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