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Trio da Paz

Trio da Paz

Trio da Paz means Trio of Peace -- but these musicians can play a wide variety of styles and music.

The three musicians that make up the Trio da Paz each comes with his own story.

Drummer Duduka da Fonseca immigrated to the United States first, in 1975. Bassist Nilson Matta (from Sao Paolo) and guitarist Romero Lubambo came 10 years later. Lubambo had studied piano, but he fell in love with the guitar and taught himself to play it.

The outcome is inspiring audiences all over. In New York, Lubambo first worked with Astrud Gilberto, who had sung a decade earlier with Stan Getz on the tremendous hit recording of "The Girl from Ipanema." Although Romero's guitar is often at the forefront of Trio da Paz, at any moment you can shift your ear to the bass or drums and still be satisfied.

JazzSet takes you to the Caramoor Jazz Festival in the country north of New York City, on a chilly August afternoon. The weather is a fluke, as Caramoor is typically a cool glade in the summer heat, but today the music is providing the warmth.

And there's more: tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano is the Artistic Director at Caramoor. Joe has a knack for showing up onstage, chiming in for a song, and you'll hear this happen on "Wave" by Antonio Carlos Jobim: Trio da Paz and Joe Lovano.

Trio da Paz's latest CD is entitled Café, on the Malandro label.

"Saudades da Bahia" ("How I Miss Bahia")
"Café" (Egberto Gismonti)
"Por Flavio" (by Lubambo, for his late father)
"Wave" (Jobim)
"Baden" (Matta)
"Keep the Spirits Singing"


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    Thanks to Jim Luce, Producer of the Caramoor Jazz Festival, and all at Caramoor.
    Recording Engineer: Duke Markos; Field Producer: Josh Jackson; with Brian McCabe Yujin Cha and Steven Weiss
    And the JazzSet team: Recording engineer Ginger Bruner at KUNV Las Vegas; Producer Becca Pulliam and Executive Producer Thurston Briscoe III at WBGO Jazz 88 in Newark, NJ.

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