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Cassandra Wilson at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Detail from the Cassandra Wilson CD 'Glamoured'  

Cassandra Wilson has a truly unique sound, a way of making every song she sings her own. In concert she sets a mood right from the start, intimate and soulful, which can make even the largest hall seem like a smoky underground club. Wilson's latest release on the Blue Note label is Glamoured -- Gaelic for being "whisked away."

Wilson says the title conveys the enchanted sense of reverie she felt while recording the album in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. "Musicians have to be able to play in different contexts," says Wilson of the music scene down south. "They have to play jazz, and integrate the blues, and they have to know country. And the lines are kinda blurry sometimes."

For this concert performance, Wilson was joined by Brandon Ross on guitars, Gregoire Maret on harmonica, Lonnie Plaxico on bass, Terri Lynne Carrington on drums, and percussionist Jeffrey Haynes.

"Children of the Night" (W. Shorter/Miyako Music/BMI)
"Honey Bee" (M. Waters/Watertoons/BMI)
"Broken Drum" (C. Wilson/Onakomaya Music/SESAC)
"Last Train to Clarksville" (T. Boyce & B. Hart/Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc/BMI)
"Lay Lady Lay" (B. Dylan/Big Sky Music/SESAC)
"Crazy" (W. Nelson/Sony ATV/Tree Publishing/BMI)
"Waters at March" (A.C. Jobim/Corcovado Music Corp./BMI)
"Fragile" (Sting/EMI-Blackwood Music/BMI)


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