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Arhoolie Arhoolie Records
"In the early 80's I had recently moved to San Francisco and was hired to do a tape synch with Chris Strachwitz, founder of Down Home Music and Arhoolie Records, for Rachel Maurer's documentary on Border Radio. A tape synch basically involves holding the microphone and getting a good quality recording, in person, while someone else in another city who wishes they could be there doing the interview but is unable to probably because they are on a public radio budget and hires you because you're lucky enough to live in that city and have your own audio equipment, and you sit there listening to them ask questions on the phone as you mike and record the interview.

Fred McDowell with Chris Strachwitz
Fred McDowell with Chris Strachwitz
Chris is a Polish born immigrant whose amazing taste was in part shaped by border radio - the U.S. radio stations that were operating just outside U.S. law and borders in Mexico. I was already an admirer and collector of Arhoolie Records and of Chris' one-man band effort to chronicle and capture so many aspects of the nations and even the world's music. This one tape sync has lead to a long friendship and collaboration - Countless conversations about every aspect of music and archival recording, endless hours combing through Chris' vaults, musical foraging trips to Louisiana, collaborating with Chris on 4 CD's for Arhoolie. The first two Tejano Roots collections, a Light'n Hopkins collection and a Freddie Fender anthology.

When it comes to music or food or politics, some of our deepest passions, Chris is one of the most opinionated, critical and excitable people we know. We could not have created Lost & Found Sound without his wisdom, encyclopedic knowledge and archives." Davia Nelson, The Kitchen Sisters

Doors of Perception
We were introduced to this site after Lost & Found Sound won the Radio 2000 Webby Award. A dynamic opening page with streaming video and audio invites you into this forum where an internationally diverse group of artists,scientists,designers, philosphers. Find out about some of the people who are working on cultural projects that transform the way organisations are perceived.

your wall
Yourwall is a Photography site that is not only an innovative gallery with photographs but also a collection of interviews with the artists discussing the narrative,the process and the content of their work. Yourwall allows greater access for all of us through the medium of the internet to see, hear and learn about the work of these artists.

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