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Extinct Tongues:
South African Language

Produced by Jay Allison
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EXTINCT: South African Khoisan Languages
The album "EXTINCT: South African Khoisan Languages"

Curator of the Quest for Sound™, Jay Allison showcases a tip on a lost language from listener Bonny Sands in Flagstaff, Arizona. She's a linguist who's been working on languages that have become extinct.

A colleague of Sands, Tony Traill from South Africa, found 1936 wax cylinder recordings of now-extinct languages of the bushmen. He's put out a CD of what he found. Some of the sound could not be cleaned up with the usual digital techniques which remove ticks and surface scratches from old recordings, because the language itself contains remarkable clicking sounds of the palate that would fool the sound restoration software.

Anthony Traill
Johannesburg, SA

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