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The Fourth of July

July 4th decorations at Silverman's store in Livingston, NJ.
Photo Credit: Ed Silverman
Independence Day
Produced by Art Silverman
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As a 13-year-old, NPR's Art Silverman took his first crack at radio. The coordinating producer of Lost & Found Sound anchored and reported the July 4th celebrations in his hometown, Livingston, NJ.

Stars & Stripes Forever
Produced by Noah Adams
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John Phillip Sousa
From Washington D.C., Noah Adams reports on the city's patriotic pride this Fourth of July - John Philip Sousa. He was born on Capitol Hill -- just a few blocks from the U.S. Marine Barracks. The story goes that when the young Sousa was about to run off with the circus -- his father intervened -- and marched him down to the barracks to join the Marine Band. John Philip Sousa grew up to lead that band -- and write music for it to play -- including "The Stars and Strips Forever." Sousa expert Loras Schissel muses about the man and his best known work.

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