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One World Flight
Produced by Mary Beth Kirchner

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    Brief Biography of Norman Corwin

    Norman Corwin Norman Corwin.
    Photo credit: Andrea Bucci.

    Writer/Director Norman Corwin is considered by many observers to be the world's foremost writer in the Golden Age of Radio where he rose to the pinnacle as he "survived ten years in radio without ever having or needing a sponsor." His prodigious wartime contribution culminated in the classic "On a Note of Triumph". He is the recipient of the One World Award, two Peabody Medals, an Oscar nomination, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and an induction into the Radio Hall of Fame.

    Norman Corwin is the author of 17 books, five stage plays, and numerous movie and TV works. His professional and academic credits include visiting lectureship at five major universities. Currently, Mr. Corwin teaches at the University of Southern California. In 1995, a collection of his letters was published by Barricade Books, which includes correspondence with Edward R. Murrow, Orson Welles, Bette Davis, Groucho Marx and Carl Sandburg. Mr. Corwin has been producing dramatic specials for National Public Radio, "More by Corwin", since 1995 which debuted with the production of the Columbia duPont-award winning "Fifty Years After 14 August," narrated by Charles Kuralt.

    Norman Corwin directing Charles Laughton in "To Tim at Twenty," 1940.

    Cast of stars in "We Hold These Truths," 1941. Standing, left to right, Orson Welles, Rudy Vallee, Sterling Tracy, production assistant, composer Bernard Herrmann, Edward G. Robinson, Bob Arnold. Seated, Lionel Barrymore, Marjorie Main, Walter Huston.

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